13 Jul 2016

Mark Zawaideh

10 Most Popular Home Styles in America

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Trendy Types of Homes

When you’re looking for a home to buy, or even building one, you may have a visual of what you want. As you’re working with a realtor or a builder, it is important to know what different types of home styles there are that you can accurately describe what you want in the most efficient way possible. Here is a guide of the 10 most popular home styles in America, along with descriptions of each.


If you’re seeking something more natural looking than modern, the style of your home you’re looking for is a Craftsman home. The look of a Craftsman style home really hints to a smooth transition between nature and the construction. The idea behind this style is to evoke cozy living inside. They will feature mostly stone and wood construction and open porches with beams and rafters.


A really popular style of home for those who aren’t interested in city living is Country. The major idea behind a Country style home is to create an inviting feel. These homes will be sure to create a sense of nostalgia for older generations. Characteristics of the Country style home include wider porches, dormers, shutters, and a little bit of stone and wood detailing to finish off the look.


An older, yet elegant and sturdy looking home is classified as a European style home. The look of this style is inspired by French, Italian, and English homes. You will find plaster walls, marble floors, and stucco exteriors in the majority of these homes.


Perhaps the most popular of these ten styles is the Ranch style home. This is your everyday single story home whose name originated on homes that were on actual ranches. Ranch style homes strive to evoke being informal and casual, but they can also be sprawling as they are only one story.


The Farmhouse style home is similar to the Ranch style in its simplicity and origination. Farmhouse homes used to be the homes that were built on agricultural land, therefore are designed for functionality and comfort on a farm. They are rectangular in shape and will often have an addition or two.


When a buyer is interested in a small home that is really in tune with the environment it’s in, they might be introduced to a Cottage style home. These generally have large, steep front porches, simple living inside, and quite possibly an attic. Cottage style homes also feature more intimate qualities, such as small windows and entryways.


Modern style homes model some characteristics of architecture from the 1950s and ‘60s, such as having roofs that are flat or have lower slopes and having larger fireplaces. These homes also exhibit open floor plans and a plentiful amount of natural light. A home classified as Modern is designed with functionality in mind.


For those buyers who are searching for homes in the south, the Southern style homes are what they will be finding the most of. These homes are specifically designed to accommodate to the warm, humid weather of the south with wrap-around porches, large shutters, and sometimes even verandas. While simple in design to attract the breeze, Southern style homes display elegance. They also often have main levels that are somewhat elevated.


There is another style of home that is modeled after some European architecture, and this is known as the Mediterranean style. These homes are like homes that are found in France, Spain, and Italy that are focused on extending the outdoors to be a part of the home with the use of large courtyards and patios. They are often finished in stucco and feature roofs that are done in red or other bold colors. Arched windows and columns are usually used around the exterior of the home.


The last very popular home style in America is the Traditional home. The look of a Traditional home is very similar to the Country style, but they differ in the idea behind the design. While Country style homes focus on exhibiting a warm and comforting environment, the Traditional home focuses on displaying historical significance in the details of the architecture.

There are many great options in America to choose from when building or shopping for your next home. Depending on the buyer, some styles may be more appealing than others, it simply is a matter of personal preference. As long as you know which qualities you like and which functions are the most important to you, you can then your realtor or builder exactly which style of home you are going for. 

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