4 Apr 2019

Mark Zawaideh

3 Tips to "Sell" Downsizing to Your Family

Sometimes life situations dictate that you must downsize. You may choose to downsize because the kids are grown up and moved out and a smaller place is appropriate. Other times, however, downsizing needs to happen when you have a family, too. Maybe the cost of caring for a family and the current mortgage is too high. Maybe you’re moving to a new neighborhood that is more expensive, so you’ll need a smaller home to afford the same mortgage cost. Whatever the reasons, downsizing with a family and kids can be a bit more challenging.

Most people appreciate their space, especially when they have children running around. It seems like you can never have enough room when the kids are young and growing. So, what do you do when you need to downsize your home with a family? How can you get your family on board with the idea? Here are a few tips to help “sell” your family on the idea of buying a new home when downsizing is involved.

Extra $$

One of the great things about downsizing your mortgage is you and the family will have extra money every month. Highlight this idea to your family and discuss some ways you will be able to spend the additional savings. Maybe you can tell them that you’ll now have more money for regular vacations or more extended vacations. Also, have any of the family members wanted individual lessons or classes, but it wasn’t in the budget? Maybe one of the kids wanted to take Tae Kwon Do, private swimming lessons, or music lessons. Now it will be possible, you can tell them. The extra cash coming in should serve as a bit of a selling point for the move.

Showcase Something Special About the House

When searching for the perfect house, look for one that has any special feature that will appeal to the family. Maybe there is a more beautiful yard than you had before. Or there may be a fireplace. Even a nice patio or deck with attractive landscaping may win over someone in the family. A huge garden tub or Jacuzzi in the bathroom is another feature you can point out. All of these unique features may help convince an otherwise reluctant family.

Spend More Time Together

One of the nice things about a smaller home is it can be cozier. Large houses often make families feel so far apart. With one bedroom at one end of the house and another at the other or one bedroom on another floor from the others, it may seem like you don’t see your family too much. A smaller home means you’ll be seeing a bit more of one another. You won’t have to walk all the way around through multiple rooms to get from the kitchen to the family room. There may be a cozy kitchen–family room combination and so on. These features mean you will be in closer proximity to your loved ones and can spend more quality time together.

Deciding to downsize is a big decision, yet an important step to make for some families. As you search for properties, it’s crucial to work with an agent who understands your unique needs as a family. The right realtor will help you find the perfect home so that you can ease your family into the decision. What may have started as a difficult transition can be positive in the end.

 At Mark Z Real Estate, we work tirelessly to meet the needs of our clients. Our proven and successful track record ensures you will find the house of your dreams even when downsizing. Get in touch with Mark Z today for more information.



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