21 Feb 2018

Mark Zawaideh

5 Home Staging Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


home-staging-mistakesWhen trying to sell a home, homeowners can stage it in order to help it appeal to buyers and help it sell faster. However, there is an art to home staging, and it’s easy to make mistakes without realizing it. Here are 5 common home staging mistakes to watch out for and how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Empty Rooms Breed Lonliness

It might seem like a good idea on paper to clear furniture out of the home—that way buyers can imagine their furniture in the rooms, right? Unfortunately, empty rooms can make it more difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living in and decorating the space. Rooms tend to seem much smaller than they actually are when they don’t have any furniture, so homeowners should try to keep their home furnished for buyers, that way they can see how the homeowner chose to arrange the rooms and gain inspiration from it.

Remove the "You" From "Your Home"

Just about every Birmingham home has things personalizing it: whether it’s family photos, framed diploma or degree, or even a child’s drawings stuck on a refrigerator with magnets. When staging a home, be sure to keep an eye out for these sorts of things and put them away to prepare for home showings. Personalized décor can prevent buyers from imagining themselves living in the home, which can make them less likely to want to purchase it.

Avoid Clutter and Mess

Life can get hectic, and no one is going to fault a homeowner if there’s dust on a windowsill during a home showing, but homeowners should take care to clean up things like dirty dishes, laundry, and children’s toys. When staging a home, it’s important to create an environment that’s free of anything that may distract buyers from seeing the best features the home has to offer. However, if they walk into a bedroom and see that the bed isn’t made and there are dirty clothes on the floor the buyers are going to end up wondering why everything was left so messy. Making sure the home is clean is one of the most important things a buyer can do to help stage.

Conversation Pieces May Not Be Well Received

Many homeowners like to have interesting furniture pieces that can start conversations when guests come to visit. Things like hunting trophies and some pieces of art can fall under the category of “conversation pieces”. And while they may be the homeowner’s favorite part of a room, they can be distracting to buyers coming in during a showing. When staging a home, everything should be streamlined so the focus is on the home itself, and conversation furniture pieces can draw a buyer’s attention away from the home, which may cause them to miss some of its best features.

Non-neutral Paint Can Distract From The Home

Rooms can easily be painted any color imaginable to fit any variety of personal aesthetic, so many homeowners may not think it’s a big deal to leave their walls untouched. However, many people have found that walls painted with neutral colors rather than bold or bright colors are far more appealing to buyers, and certain colors in certain rooms can even add value to a home. Painting the home’s walls may make it feel less personal for the rest of the time living there, but if painting can help entice buyers into offering on the home, it can definitely be worth it.

When homeowners know what to look for, staging a home for sale can be easy. Keeping these staging tips in mind can help make the difference when it comes to finding the right buyer.

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