28 Mar 2018

Mark Zawaideh

5 Tips to When Showing Your Home to Buyers


home-showing-tipsOne of the most important things that a homeowner can do when trying to sell their property is prepare for home showings. Buyers tend to respond more positively to homes that are clean, hospitable and inviting. Homeowners who get their home ready before buyers come often find it easier to sell their property. Good staging techniques can even lead to bigger offers. These tips will help.

Make The Home Cozy and Hospitable

Buyers like to imagine themselves relaxing in the home that they're thinking about purchasing. Sellers can make it easier for buyers to think of these fantasies by making their home look more hospitable. There are many ways this can be done. Draping a blanket over the arm of one chair, setting out extra pillows on the beds and turning the temperature on the climate control to an ideal setting can all help.

Another easy way to make buyers feel at home is to set out a plate of snacks like shortbread cookies, vegetables, crackers or cheese, along with disposable cups and a pitcher of lemonade. Not only does this encourage buyers to stay longer, but it also gives buyers a feeling of being welcome.

Optimize Lighting

Light helps make rooms look bigger, cleaner and more spacious. Homeowners who want to optimize home lighting can open up the curtains, take down heavy drapes, turn on all the lights inside and replace burned out light bulbs around the house. This is especially important in small spaces that start to seem claustrophobic when it's dim inside.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Cleaning properly before a buyer comes to see the house can give the home the appearance of being very well maintained. Homeowners are encouraged to deep clean before all showings. This can involve cleaning activities like dusting parts of the house that are rarely dusted, cleaning windows and spot treating the carpeting.

Put Away Pet Accessories

Pets can be damaging to homes, so it's best not to remind buyers if there are pets in the house. Homeowners are encouraged to put away pet dishes, leashes, pet beds and other accessories before buyers arrive. It's also important to vacuum all carpets before each showing, as pet dander can cause an allergic reaction in people with allergies.

Talk to a Reputable Real Estate Professional

A reputable real estate professional can help a home seller to stage their Chesterfield home before each showing.Your real estate professional can make suggestions for cleaning the house, making repairs and staging so that your home will look its best for each buyer who walks through the door. To get started preparing your home for a showing, contact a real estate agent today.

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