14 Jun 2019

Mark Zawaideh


When it’s time to sell your home, you want to make sure you have everything in order. From the moment the prospective buyer pulls up to the house to the moment they enter through the door, you want them to have a memorable experience — but you want it to be memorable for all the right reasons.

There are some reasons your house may stand out to people in the wrong way. If you’ve been having people view your house, but you’re not getting any bids, then it’s time to reassess your strategy. There may be something standing in the way of a sale.

Here are six reasons why people aren’t buying your house.

The House Has No Ambiance

Ambiance is defined as “the mood, character, quality, tone, atmosphere, etc., particularly of an environment.” It’s that certain quality that people feel the moment they walk through the door. What type of atmosphere or feelings does the house evoke? We are emotional beings, and people are often driven by how they “feel” about a place.

Of course, several other factors go into making your house showing a success, but if you can create an inviting, “homey” atmosphere, you’ll be starting things off on the right foot.

The House is Dirty

Your house may have many excellent features and amenities, but if it’s dirty people may not see the good things about it. The dirt and clutter will get in the way and hinder a positive reaction. Before putting your home up for sale, give it a thorough, deep cleaning. Make it spotless from top to bottom taking care of all those extra chores you don’t do on a regular basis. Then as you wait for viewings, you will only have to deal with routine maintenance cleaning.  Red kitchen mop being used to clean a floor surface

Lack of Curb Appeal

The first thing a prospective buyer sees when they arrive at your home is the property. You can score points by having plenty of curb appeal. Make sure your landscaping is in superb shape by trimming any bushes, hedges, and trees. Cut the lawn if it’s the right season. Check your sidewalk and driveway for any cracks or damage and have them repaired. Ensure that your house siding and the porch is cleaned, and replace any damaged window screens.

In the spring and summer, add an extra touch of beauty by planting flowers around the front of your home and decorating the porch with a couple of planters. You don’t need to do much as long as it’s neat, and you add a splash of color. In the cold months, you could hang a winter wreath on the door, and make sure to have a newer welcome mat at the door. These small touches will add to the curb appeal as the person pulls up to your house.

No Pet Accessories

If you own a pet, it’s best to keep it contained while someone views your house. Not everyone is an animal lover, and it could potentially cause a problem. Furthermore, put away all pet toys, food and water bowls, litter boxes, kennels, and pet pillows. If people aren’t used to animals, then they may feel uncomfortable about moving into a house where an animal lived. You never know how people will react, and it’s better to err on the safe side.

No Foul Smells

Take time to air out your home and rid it of any funky smells. Sometimes food odors can cling to curtains and upholstery in a house. It may not be noticeable to the owner but is to visitors. Try to find time to clean the carpets, curtains, and upholstery. This will help eliminate smells. In addition, air fresheners leave a sweet aroma in the house and help to create ambiance.Closeup side view profile portrait of young woman,disgust on face, pinches nose, something stinks, very bad smell, situation, isolated on white background. Negative emotion facial expression feeling

Certain Decorations Need to Go

If you have any unusual decorations, it’s a good idea to pack them up and prepare them for moving day. Although you may love the unusual decorations you chose for your home, others might not appreciate it as much. Neutral or common decorations can stay, but remove those items that may stand out or get odd glances. You can also remove personal items. For example, you don’t want your wedding pictures plastering a wall. And if there are any political plaques, posters, or paraphernalia, put it in the moving box.

Making your house stand out is essential as long as it doesn’t stand out negatively. By avoiding these six mistakes, you will help boost your home’s popularity with buyers and land a sale faster.

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