16 Aug 2016

Mark Zawaideh

8 Landscaping Mistakes

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8 Landscaping Mistakes

We all see professional landscapers working while we drive through our neighborhoods and by local businesses. They make the work they do look incredibly easy and, in turn, inspire us to do landscaping of our own. However, not a lot of people know that landscaping requires a lot of time and research. We have eight very common landscaping mistakes that, if you consider them, will guarantee that you are fully prepared to do this work yourself.

Not Having A Plan

The first mistake, and easily the most common, is not having a plan. There is a very good chance you will end up not being happy with the way the work turns out if you don’t. Having a plan means knowing what you’re going to buy, how much of everything you will need, and where you are going to install/plant everything that you have. If you are comfortable investing a little more money into your landscaping project, you can even consider hiring a landscape architect to help formulate your plan.

Not Doing Your Research

Doing research and planning is also very important when it comes to choosing the types of plants you buy. Another common mistake that happens during landscaping is going to the local garden center or nursery and choosing plants and flowers based strictly on the way they look. There is obviously nothing wrong with buying plants that you consider to be pretty, but you also want to make sure that they will survive in the particular season that you’re planting them in.

Proper Irrigation

Not only are all plants different when it comes to what seasons they survive best in, but they’re also different in how they need to be watered. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all plants can be watered the same. Planning ahead and doing research as to how you need to water everything is very important.

Location, Location, Location

If your landscaping project involves planting a tree, make sure you know ahead of time where you’re going to place it. A mistake that many people make with this is not considering how big the tree will grow, and it in turn ends up getting in the way of the house, driveway, or deck if there is one. When planning tree placement, try to visualize how big the tree will get.

Realistic Expectations

As we discussed before, seeing landscapers out working on homes, or even seeing pictures online, inspire many of us to want to do landscaping projects of our own. However, another big mistake that people will make is getting an idea of all the landscaping they wish to do and then not realizing that down the road they will no longer have the high level of dedication for the upkeep. The best thing to do to prevent this from happening is just to be honest with yourself and make sure you plan a project that meets the time you can keep dedicating to it after the initial work is done.


Just like decorating your home, decorating your lawn can be a lot of fun. However, especially if you are spending a lot of time and money into doing a landscaping project, make sure the amount of lawn ornamentation you have doesn’t become excessive. You don’t want your yard decorations to distract from all of the hard work you put into landscaping. Make sure the decorations are used in moderation and compliment the landscaping.

Wild Animals

While shopping for plants, something that you’ll definitely want to consider that a lot of people don’t is purchasing plants that wild animals will not eat. Animals like rabbits and deer, for example, will sneak in your yard and try to eat any vegetation that they can. Do your research before heading to the garden center to make sure you buy plants that these animals will not eat.


Lastly, a common landscaping mistake that you will want to try and avoid is not researching how different plants and flowers will look season to season. Be sure to purchase a variety of different plants that will compliment each other throughout the year.






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