14 Nov 2013

Mark Zawaideh

9 Ways To Save Money On Your Utilities


  1. save-money-on-utilitiesUse a programmable thermostat. These are cheap if you don’t have on yet. Having it programmed can save you $180 per year. In the summer you’ll save one to two percent for every degree cooler you keep the house.
  2. Turn off your computer, DVR or any other electronic device. It saves about $5 per month to turn off your big electronics. So if you add up the computer, DVR, fans, (those are quite a bit more, like $30 a month) and other electronics, you could save a significant amount.
  3. Turn your hot water heater down to 120 degrees. If you have your hot water heater set at 140, it could be costing you $400 to heat the water that hot. Not to mention the water that doesn’t get used on standby. When you travel or go on vacation, you could save even more by turning it down when you leave.
  4. Change your air filter every 3 months. When not clean, your HVAC system isn’t working efficiently and you’re spending increasingly more money the longer you don’t change that filer; not to mention the dust and allergens that are spreading throughout your house.
  5. Use High Efficiency appliances. There are so many tax incentives and rebates for buying new appliances, and using them; most importantly your washing machine and refrigerator. Look up your state, and see what they offer.
  6. Use energy efficient light bulbs. The power company subsidizes the bulb, so stock up. They are actually as bright as a regular light bulb, after a minute, but they last a lot longer. When you put them in , remember to turn them off!
  7. Close up any air leaks. Use weather stripping, caulk or foam and seal up any small leaks. The places that leak the most are around windows and door frames, around the top of the basement wall where the cement or block contacts the wooden frame, and around the holes in walls where pipes enter and exit your home.
  8. Close vents and blinds in rooms that aren’t being used, or that don’t need to be heated/cooled.
  9. Use your microwave instead of your oven. It can save 50% of your cooking costs. Microwaves are much more energy efficient than ovens, which use a lot of energy to heat up and to stay hot. In the summer, traditional ovens heat up the house, making the air conditioner work harder.

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