22 Aug 2019

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A Day in the Life of Top Detroit Real Estate Agents

What Do the Best Detroit Real Estate Agents Have in Common?

If you’re working with a top real estate agent in Detroit, then you’re in good hands. The metro Detroit area has some of the best real estate agents in all of Michigan! Maybe you’ve wondered: what goes into their high success rate? What do they do during an ordinary day? Let’s take a look at a typical day in the life of a real estate agent.

Aside from doing expected administrative tasks such as:

  • Completing lease paperwork
  • Preparing contracts
  • Coordinating appointments
  • Crafting listings

They have a myriad of other hats to wear on the job. However, expert Realtors share some key traits in common as they go about their day.

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They Schedule for Success

Having a schedule that will facilitate a streamlined day is essential for top Realtors. Real estate agents may have different schedule styles, but planning can make or break a day. Without some organization, work can quickly pile up and overwhelm even the most skilled.

One scheduling method that is well known and proven to be useful is called the Eisenhower Matrix. Developed by SEO specialist, Joshua Jarvis, this system helps agents categorize their tasks.

The Eisenhower Matrix is based on prioritizing. Realtors discover that when they use this method, they tackle things that most important first. Four main categories drive this model, and they should be consulted whenever drafting your workflow:

Do First 

These refer to tasks that you need to complete right away. You could call these "urgent jobs" that can’t be put off—they are, essentially, a high priority.


These jobs or tasks are important to the agent’s day, but they’re not an emergency. However, you must schedule them soon! Don’t ignore these jobs; make sure they have a spot on your calendar.


The art of getting these tasks accomplished is through delegation. Handing jobs off to a personal assistant, automated software, or virtual assistant will free up your time for the higher priority tasks.

Don’t Do

When specific tasks haven’t proven to bring you any results, then you can safely put these in your “do not do” category. By dumping these jobs off your plate, you can move on to more productive work.

Another scheduling tip that the experts recommend is setting aside a few hours on the same day each week to take care of these scheduling tasks. Avoiding the "hamster wheel" of real estate starts with some solid organization!

Streamlined Work Processes

Realtors can reduce pressure on themselves (and therefore, their clients) by taking advantage of technological solutions. Software automation makes menial tasks simpler and contributes to the overall "flow" of their workload. This is also an advantage to any clients they might have, as automation can also contribute to ease of contact and enhance client care.

They Forge Working Relationships

Another aspect of being a successful realtor is not only dealing with clients but also meeting new ones. A successful realtor is always on the lookout for new client opportunities! Sometimes, that requires networking with other professionals to obtain new leads. Here are a few ways to do this:

1. Connect with a Property Management Company

A property management partner is like a pipeline for future customers. They have connections to people who will likely be looking to buy a home in the future—most people don’t rent forever! Also, a property management company may refer you to property investors.

2. Connect with People in the Community

There are plenty of opportunities in Detroit to be active and meet new people. Realtors may show up at local spots to volunteer as a way to build their number of contacts.

3. Connect with Other Industry-Related Professionals

Closing on a house means real estate agents will be working with a host of contractors. From home inspectors to repair-persons, these individuals are always in and out of people's homes; it's wise to establish ongoing relationships with these professionals!

4. Utilize Conferences and Events to Forge Contacts

Top Realtors will attend more than just industry-related conferences and events. You may even see them showing up at local gatherings. Any place that hosts groups of people, especially young families, will be a great spot to find potential home buyers.

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They Maintain a Robust Online Presence

It’s so crucial in today’s market to have a strong online presence, and it isn’t going to happen on its own. The best Detroit real estate agents know they must work to develop this through:

1. An Enhanced Marketing Plan

Using measures to pursue leads actively is critical for generating more leads and helping clients sell their homes. Correctly planning their marketing is a key trait for top Realtors!

2. A Strong Social Media Presence

Realtors who leverage the social media platforms to their advantage are building a following across multiple generations.

3. A Beautiful and Powerful Website

The best realtors in Detroit know that having a website that is easy to use and navigate is half the battle. While every career demands an attractively designed website, a candy bar company is less likely to lose a client over their website design than a Realtor is.

4. Regular, Ongoing Blogs

A continual stream of blogs on a realtor’s website will help it rank higher on Google. Besides, it also gives clients important information.

Now That You've Seen the Top, Join Us There!

Realtors have to juggle many responsibilities; it's true. Being a Realtor is not just a job—it's a labor of love. The last quality of any top real estate agent is that they love what they do. Does this sound like you?

If you recognize these driving, skillful traits in yourself, then you deserve a team that supports that drive! For the MARK Z. Real Estate Experts, we know that the quality service we offer our clients begins with our family of Realtors. One of the smartest career decisions you made was becoming a Realtor; the next move is to join MARK Z.!


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