14 Mar 2016

Mark Zawaideh

Being Connected in Modern Real Estate

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Networks in Modern Real Estate

In today's real estate industry, it is just as important to maintain positive relationships with past clients as it is to acquire new ones. As it stands now, 72% of buyers looking for a new home say that would choose the same agent, though only 21-27% of these buyers actually choose their past agent.  Being active online is crucial to keeping these great relationships with your existing clients - 92% of buyers utilize the internet in their purchasing endeavors and 87% of buyers use an agent.

Tools for Building Connections

Here are some ideas to connect with your clients via the internet to keep them in your loop:

  1. Free Resources: These can be anything from web domains to marketing websites.
  2. Videos: Create fun videos with content such as current market facts, home improvement tips, or even messages from your team.
  3. Webinars: Get involved and educate your clients on real estate so they know you're informed and knowledgeable.
  4. Photo Sharing: Share photos on your website and social media of active listed properties and various other activities your team might be involved in.
  5. Personal Website: Be sure to have an up-to-date personal website for your company so that prospective and current clients can access information about your team.
  6. Social Media: This is one of the most powerful online tools that can be used. Most people are on social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Marketing on social media is huge, so make sure your company has an account on each of these social media websites so you can ensure great communication with everyone who might come across you. Not only can you acquire new clients this way, but you can also interact with existing clients who follow your activity. 
  7. Podcasts: Record podcasts with current market information, home selling tips, or anything else you feel your clients would be interested in.
  8. Blogs: These are a great way to keep clients educated on any important real estate information you may have to share. Also, blog entries are great for sharing what your company has been doing. 
  9. Virtual Tours: When you list a property, including a virtual tour of the property is an amazing visual aid to help any potential buyer get the best feel possible for it.

Utilizing Technology

In modern real estate, technology should be utilized as much as possible. More than $2500.00 is spent by agents each year on technology and their websites are updated a few times per week. Marketing on the internet is also very cost efficient, as it costs about 62% less per lead you acquire than using traditional marketing methods.

Use these helpful ideas to be active on the internet and draw more traffic to your company. As you do more online marketing, you will build great relationships with existing clients and you will gain new clients who search for your services and get referred to you by current clients. No matter what kind of marketing you choose to do, modern online marketing or traditional marketing, always make sure you are keeping active with your marketing and staying on top of client activity. When trying to contact an agent, 80% of clients will look for a different agent if they get the voicemail of the first agent.

If you and your team implement all of these things to existing practices, you will surely create a successful real estate office!




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