14 Jun 2019

Mark Zawaideh

Conquer Your Home-Sale Worries with These Simple Steps!

If you’ve decided to sell your home, you are no doubt dealing with a lot of mixed emotions. You’re probably excited by the prospects of finding a new house. Maybe the move itself is indicative of something new and thrilling in life — like a better job or a growing family.

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At the same time, you may be experiencing some trepidation about selling your home, finding another home you like, and everything in between. Rollercoaster emotions are typical for most people in your position. These tips offer guidance on how to get through the home selling process and keep your emotions calm.

1. Connect With a Quality Real Estate Agent

Your first step and one that will significantly ease your emotional turmoil is finding a superb realtor. You want someone who has a plan to sell your home for the most money possible. An agent who is proactive with superior marketing abilities will be aggressive in getting you the price you need for your house. A quality realtor won’t leave you hanging for months on end with no action on your home — that would be enough to put your emotions in an upheaval.

2. Reassess Your Decision

As odd it may seem, you need to make sure you are really ready to make a move before you go through all the steps. You may know you are ready due to necessity. For example, you got a new job that makes it impractical to remain in your current house.

Other times moving is a decision based on your needs and desires. You may want a larger home or yard because of a growing family, or you may wish to downsize due to the kids growing up and moving out.

Either way, these decisions are more personal. Talking to your competent real estate agent about what to expect helps you finalize your decision.   

3. Detach and De-Stress

You’re probably pretty attached to your house, and the thoughts of moving may cause some emotional difficulties, at least for some people. You likely have many memories attached to your home. Remember your house didn’t give you the fond memories, you made them yourself with loved ones.

Keeping that perspective and detaching from being overly sentimental will help keep your emotions in check. You don’t want to come across too attached to the house when prospective buyers come over, or it may send them mixed signals. You also don’t want too many of your pictures and personal effects all through the house since that will have the same effect. You want the buyer to imagine his or her photos on the walls.

4. Be Prepared for Showings

Showing your house is instrumental in selling it. However, a technologically savvy realtor may create a virtual tour of your home as well as showcase it with stellar photos. Virtual tours and superb pictures may help to bring only serious buyers to the in-person viewings, which will save you a lot of time.

Real-estate agent presenting modern house

Whether you have a virtual tour of the house or not, prepare for viewings. Your life may seem hectic with people in and out of your house. However, it’s essential to take time to keep your home looking clean and neat. Buyers will be more impressed with a house they see that looks move-in ready!

5. Go With a Marketing Pro!

When it comes time to take the plunge and dive into selling your home, you want a realtor who is a marketing pro.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need a realtor who takes advantage of all the technological tools available. Many real estate agencies use only traditional means to sell houses. While this may work eventually, it is not as effective as combining traditional and modern methods of real estate marketing. The reason being is that many homebuyers are using technology to aid in the home buying process.

This year millennials are expected to make up a hefty bulk of the mortgages, and millennials are known for their heavy use of technology. A realtor who uses a marketing approach and techniques that will connect with millennials will have better success. Remember a big part of selling your home is pure marketing.

Using these tips will help calm your emotions, but more importantly, the right realtor will put you on the right path to selling success. With Mark Z Real Estate Experts, you will have a real professional by your side. Get in touch for more information.


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