11 Nov 2014

Mark Zawaideh

Can you sell your home in the winter?

Home in WinterOf course you would like to sell your home when Mother Nature is at her peak during the spring, summer and fall and displaying all of her amazing colors.  However, this might not always be a convenient option.  You might have to make the most of a crisp, clean, snow-white winter.

Steps to Take When Selling in the Winter

  • Safety First - Driveways need to be snow and ice free.  Ensure a safe path to your doorway.  Utilize salt and sand as needed.
  • Protect Flooring - Once inside, you want to preserve your flooring for your prospective buyer. The sand and salt you put outside for safety is not flooring’s friend and may get brought in on the bottom of shoes.
  • Temperature - Keep it comfortable. If you have one, turn the fireplace on.  Turn the heat up a degree or two, as well.
  • Lighting - Winter can be dreary.  Open the blinds and turn on specific lights including closet lights. Use strategically place floor spot lights, as well.
  • Clean and Tidy - Shut blinds to windows that are visually unappealing.  Clear the clutter and go above and beyond your normal cleaning routine.
  • Music - Play soft, inviting, holiday music in the background.
  • Additional information - If there are permanent fixtures unique or historical to your home, make sure to labeling them with additional information.
  • Romance - Place a chilling bottle of wine in the kitchen with two wine glasses beside it.  Fill the bathtub with water and rose petals, light fragrance free candles.  
  • Scent of food - If your home smells of food, then be prepared to provide food.  Cookies are quick to eat.  Keep your buyer interested and comfortable.  A crockpot of soup will invite a buyer(s) to sit and envision themselves residing there.

Winter Real Estate

Winter may not be the easiest time to sell your home, but it is attainable if you follow the above guidelines.

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