14 Mar 2018

Mark Zawaideh

Easy Changes to Boost Curb Appeal


curb-appeal-guideImproving curb appeal does not have to be hard or expensive. Small changes can make for a more appealing exterior and make a home more inviting for prospective buyers. Explore some of the easy ways homeowners can get started on improving their home's curb appeal.

Why Is Curb Appeal Important?

Seen as the frosting of a home, curb appeal generally improves the appearance of a home from the street. Potential homebuyers may use MLS listing photos and perform a drive-by of a property before deciding on which homes to actually visit. Making some small repairs and changes can help highlight a home's most attractive features, boost traffic to a listing and potentially increase the amount of potential visitors to a property.

Easy Updates to Do Today

Get prospective buyers to the door with a little effort and investment. Take time to:

  • Declutter. Look around the property and eliminate or store pet projects and children's toys tools. Sellers should aim for a clean appearance of a property upon approach.
  • Improve plantings. Remove any plantings that look sickly or cannot be improved by the time the property will be listed. Address landscaping eyesores, such as a discolored lawn, and trim hedges and trees. In order to add color, use seasonal flowers in mulched flower beds or by walkways.
  • Paint. Dry and flaking paint can show the age of a home and make potential buyers consider the number of maintenance tasks they may have to perform in order to get a property into top shape. Take the time to paint old entrance doors to hide scuffs and dings. Paint the exterior of the home itself if it calls for it. In other cases, a good power washing may be all that may be needed to make the exterior, including windows, porches or decks, sparkle.
  • Make repairs. Take a moment to fix windows that do not close properly, gates that do not latch, broken railings and other issues that may lead one to think a property is not as secure as it should be or that may increase the likelihood of an injury. Home security is an important factor for many looking to move into a home.

These are a few changes that can make a Canton home more attractive and are within the budget of most homeowners.

Get a Second Opinion

Homeowners can use another's objective appearance about their home. Speak to a trusted agent, friends and visit open houses to get an idea of the general exterior appearance of homes in the local area and which changes can be easily made to a property. Get additional inspiration for inexpensive makeovers online and with home design magazines.

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