27 Jun 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

Essential Training to Look for in a Top Michigan Brokeagee

Deciding to become a real estate agent in Michigan is a fantastic step in your career. With the real estate industry moving along at a rapid pace, you can make the money you want! However, before that happens, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools, strategies, and place to do it.

One essential component to succeeding in real estate is keeping your education up to date. It’s not only your license that matters, but ongoing, continuing education is crucial too! When you work with a real estate company that offers training, you are headed in the right direction.All real estate companies aren’t the same though: some offer better training than others. How do you know which company is which? If you want to stay competitive as a realtor, the quality of offered training (or if training is offered at all) should be one of the first things you look for before you make the leap to a real estate brokerage.

Free Training

Rear View of Young Office Workers in Casual Outfits Listening to a Top Manager Explaining Something Using Illustrations.It’s one thing to have the company offer you training for a price or fee, but it’s quite another when they provide the training for free. When you have the opportunity for free training, what does this tell you about the company? It says they are committed to excellence. They want their agents to be the best, and they’re willing to cover the costs to see that happen! This is an excellent company for which to work: because the company cares about their employees, their company culture will be outstanding as well.

Training That Teaches Key Skills

You’ll learn something during any exercise if you have the right mindset, but it’s critical that you learn the keys to success in the industry. Training that teaches you the basics is acceptable, but you’ll want to get more in-depth information about real estate to advance your career. For example, learning savvy negotiating skills is something useful in real estate: you’ll want training that highlights this and other essential elements to take you to the next level!

Training Under Experts in Your Field

While anyone with some experience could probably teach you the things you need to learn, it makes a substantial difference when the person doing so is an expert in the field. Years of built expertise help shape the training, and you will gain much more from the sessions. An experienced trainer also gives more credibility to the information: we tend to listen better when we believe in the person delivering the message. When listening actively, you'll not only learn more from the training but retain it better too!

Technology-Integrated Training

future technology. touch button inerface illustration on blue backgroundWe live in a high-speed, fiber-optic world: the real estate business has evolved to meet digital demand and is continuing to grow! This transformation means many buyers and sellers will be doing their business on their smartphones, computers, tablets, and so on. Realtors need to use effective strategies and marketing techniques that reach the population through the digital space. This requires training that is specific to the real estate industry.

A real estate brokerage that is on top of its game when it comes to marketing and generating leads that is willing to share this knowledge is a reliable company to work for.

Ultimately, You're Training for Success!

Ask yourself, what does the training model look like at the real estate company you’re considering? Take a close look at the company's idea of success: 

  1. What is the company mission as it relates to achieving success? 
  2. Are they content with where they are?
  3. Do they strive to move ahead?
  4. How do they value success?

The way a company model is set up will tell you a lot about how their training is structured. If they value success, they will push for it in their training modules.

Let Mark Z Take You to the Next Level

When you know what success looks like to you, finding the right real estate company to work for is easy! At Mark Z Real Estate, our comprehensive training program will put you on the cutting edge of Michigan real estate. We have a team of phenomenal agents who went through our extensive training program, and they're selling homes in incredible numbers! Want to get in on the action? Make the smart choice and join our team!


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