11 Jul 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

Establish the "Big Why" for Your Realty Career—and See Growth!

Real estate has its ups and downs, its good days and bad days. Sometimes it seems like a hot market will never end; in off years, your leads go as dry as a bone. It’s vital to understand your purpose for being in Michigan realty if you want to stay unbeatable in the business. That way, when things are slow, you’ll not only have something inspirational to keep you going, but you'll have a vision that defines you as a realtor.

A purpose helps propel your marketing plan forward, and it's how you end up listed as part of a top tier Detroit realty company. A healthy marketing plan is vital to stay competitive in today’s real estate business. When establishing your purpose and plan in real estate, your first question should be, "Why are you in real estate?" By defining the reason and passion for what you do, that passion will shine through in your marketing plan. Let’s take a closer look at the "Big Why."

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What Is the “Big Why?”

The “Big Why” tells customers (and yourself) why you do what you do in your field: it explains why you are a realtor, and what it is that motivates you in real estate. Maybe you hadn’t given that too much thought before; now is the ideal time to think about what propelled you into the business. Perhaps you love working with people and helping them find their dream homes—that can be a rewarding aspect of doing real estate work. Maybe you are a fan of homes, and you have an eye for their strong points: perhaps you can see any property's potential—even the bad ones. That is a skill not many people have, and it's worth developing. Take some time to jot down the reasons you are in the business of buying and selling homes.

This concept of "why" can also extend to why your customers choose you, too: in other words, why are you different, better, and outstanding? What makes you special to your clients? It’s essential to recognize this, as you’ll discover in the next section.

Your "Why" Is Your Niche

If you understand the “Big Why,” you have a definite advantage over your competitors. The reason your understanding creates an edge is that most people market themselves backward, according to Simon Sinek, a best-selling author. Sinek coined the phrase the "Golden Circle" to describe how companies typically define themselves in reverse order.

The Golden Circle consists of the three main components of your business: the what, the how, and the why. Sinek represents these by drawing one large circle with another one inside it, and then another within that. Combined, you have three overlapping premises for the foundations of your business, and why is at the center.

Sinek discovered that when businesses defined themselves in marketing, they typically started with the “what” of their business first, then moved to the “how." Lastly, they talked about the “why” of their business—but this is the opposite of how you should be marketing.

“Why” Generates More Interest

People are curious by nature: the “why” of any situation is usually more interesting than the “what” or the “how.” Starting in this order helps cater to the inherent interest people have.

Your Purpose Is More Marketable

When you  think about why you are serving the Ann Arbor real estate market, for example, it’s easier to market: you can tap into the people who are your customer base because you've made yourself relatable.

Your Reasons Are Motivational

You can have more fun when you’re telling your customers about why you work for the best brokerage or why you love the homes you sell: your content will also become livelier, which is a win-win!

"Should I Use My 'Big Why' in Marketing?"

Now that you understand the importance of having one, it’s time to use your unique purpose in your marketing plans. Here are just a few reasons why using integrating your reason for doing what you do can enhance your marketing efforts:

You’ll Get Higher Click-Through Rates

Just think, when was the last time you clicked on something that just told you what the company did versus why they did it? This will generate interest and a greater retention rate. Higher click-through rates drive business! 

You'll Create Rapport with Your Clients

If you understand why people are choosing you for business, then you have an edge on your competition. You can tap into those very reasons and use them for your marketing plan: first, tell them why—then sell them why!

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A Team That Supports Your Vision

Understanding the relevance of the “Big Why” is a critical component of being a top-selling realtor in the Detroit Metro area. As you prepare your marketing plan, take time to incorporate this vital element—but don’t forget to apply this during your hunt for the right brokerage.

Working with the best brokerage in Detroit will give you an advantage when it comes to marketing yourself and your skills. If you need help finding the right firm for your newly defined vision, reach out to the Mark Z. Real Estate Experts! As one of the fastest growing realtors in the metro, we have the skills to help you not only establish your "Big Why," but help it grow!



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