14 Jun 2019

Mark Zawaideh

Finding a Realtor That Stands Out

Selling or buying a home is a monumental step in life. Whether it’s your first or fifth time going through the process, it can be fraught with anxieties. Half the problem is finding the right type of realtor who understands your unique situation and who is experienced in real estate.


You need the best of all realtor qualities to have an excellent transaction, and sometimes that’s difficult to find. You may be wondering what to look for. Or ask yourself what is important in the scope of buying or selling a home. Let’s take a look at some qualities and techniques that make a realtor stand out.

Premier Services

If you are looking for a topnotch real estate agent who will get the job done, then you want a team that offers premier services. That includes top of the line technology solutions as well as personalized customer service. 

Record Gained Through Experience

You'll feel more assured working with a team that has a long, proven record of success. That shows you the techniques the realtor uses actually work. You don’t ever want to see your listing expiring without a sale. When you sign up with a realtor, you want to consider your home sold!

Top Seller in the U.S.

It’s quite an accomplishment to be ranked as the top seller in your area or state. Ratings from the Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 100 Realtors in the United States are a desirable place for a realtor to be.  This is especially noteworthy if it’s happened year after year. You’ll look for a consistent record of sales. Receiving annual sales over $100 MILLION for any year is an impressive record. 

Outselling every other Realtor in Keller Williams is another prestigious addition to a realtor’s portfolio. Working with a Number One Real Estate Team in Michigan will ensure that your house gets the attention it deserves.

Marketing Techniques That Work

How do realtors get such impressive sales? They develop marketing techniques over time and through persistent analysis. You need someone willing to take an aggressive and proactive approach to sell your home. What does this mean and what does it look like? It means that six days a week, the realtor will be active, purposeful, and intense as he/she seeks buyers for your home!Close up of businessman drawing money conceptOther realtors may be happy to list your home and show your home but do nothing in between. You want someone to fill in all the in-between time with action. From cold calling prospective buyers or using the latest technology for leads, you want a realtor to use every available resource to connect buyers with your home.

Get in Touch

If you’ve already been through one agent, it’s one too many. It’s time to meet with Mark Z Real Estate Experts and find results. We have taken an expired listing for a house on the market for 154 days and sold it in 34 days! We are so sure of your satisfaction with our services that we have a 1-day listing guarantee. That means you are not locked into any lengthy contracts with us and can cancel at any time if you're not happy.

If you are ready to see your home move from the sale list to the sold list, get in touch with Mark Z today.

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