19 Apr 2016

Mark Zawaideh

For Sale by Owner VS Realtor

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Selling Solo or With an Agent

Many people looking to sell their home try to sell it on their own as a For Sale by Owner listing. It often is stressful enough trying to get your home ready to go on the market, let alone trying to sell it by yourself. When you hire a realtor, you are hiring somebody who is licensed to sell homes and handle marketing efforts to effectively get your home in front of those looking to buy a home. Once your home sells, you will be paying your realtor commission for the work they've done, but it will be well worth it considering how quickly and efficiently they will get the job done for you. Here are some important facts to keep in mind when contemplating hiring a realtor.

The Stats

  1. Generally, homes sell for $40,000 more when they are sold by a realtor than when they are sold For Sale by Owner. 
  2. Homes are sold, on average, 19 days faster when sold by a realtor compared to when sold by the owner.
  3. It has been found that owners have 70% more stress when trying to sell their home For Sale by Owner rather than hiring a realtor. The biggest source of stress here is understanding legal issues and financing. Realtors are experienced with these things and deal with them for a living. 

Access to Information

There are many other reasons why it is beneficial to hire a realtor for the job of selling your home. They have access to market data about current and past real estate in your area. They also know what today's potential buyers are looking for. This way, they can showcase your home in the best possible way so it sells quicker. Also, when buyers go to view a home, they usually prefer that the owner(s) is/are not present. Selling with a realtor gives you the option to leave during showings. 

Professional Marketing & Connections

Realtors have professional marketing knowledge and they often network with other realtors, therefore, they will know the best way to go about marketing your property. Then, when potential buyers express interest, realtors screen for qualified buyers so that no time is wasted with people who will never buy your home. Finally, since realtors get properties ready for the market and then show them, availability isn't a concern. With a realtor, you never have to worry about using all of your free time to hold showings or answer questions about your home. When an offer comes in, realtors will negotiate the contract with the seller in mind to create the best outcome. They are very experienced in negotiation to give the seller the best profit. 

If the time ever comes where you're thinking about listing your property, save yourself the stress and sell your home quicker by hiring a realtor. 

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