4 Jul 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

Get "SMART" in Real Estate by Setting Goals That Work

Being a realtor has its pros and cons; it’s true that you have more freedom to craft your schedule the way you want. Nor are you tied to a typical 9-to-5 job, which can feel dreary for some people.

If you're the type to take several mini-vacations as opposed to a big long one, then you’d love working in real estate. You also get to meet a lot of new people and travel regularly around the Detroit area—from home to home. There’s certainly a lot to love about the freedom of real estate!

However, with all the good comes the potential to stumble as well: all that freedom means you have to be responsible for your schedule. You need to ensure that you accomplish your goals—otherwise, the clients you love to serve won't just waltz into your office out of thin air!

Reaching your goals is attainable, but it isn’t going to happen by chance: you have to seriously invest some time into a well thought out strategy to put you on the path to achievement. If you want to sell homes and put a smile on the faces of Detroit's home buyers, you’ll need to map out just how to get there. By setting SMART goals, your dreams can become a reality.

What are SMART goals, and what is the strategy behind them? Read on for your road map to success!

Never Waste An Opportunity! written on the roadS: Specific

First things first: when creating your goals, you need to be specific. I like to say "Super Specific"—throw aside all vagueness and hold yourself accountable to a particular purpose.

We’re talking specifically about the details surrounding the metrics you’re striving to change: do you want to generate more leads, sell more homes, make more contacts, or get more website visitors? Whatever the goal is, be specific. When you identify which areas of your career need growth, then you’ll be able to find out what you need to accomplish said growth.

  • What tools do you need? 
  • Do you need to collaborate with someone else? 
  • Will you need any additional resources to achieve this goal? 

Once you know what the goal is, you can actively proceed in taking steps to make check that box on your improvement list.

M: Measurable

Now that you know what you want to change, it’s critical to put a number to your goal: make your ambition measurable. If you can’t measure it, how will you know that you’ve achieved it? In other words, don’t just write down that you want to sell more houses, but write that you want to "Sell X number of homes in Novi or Plymouth," for example.

This gives you something tangible to strive for—plus, it helps you to see how close or far away you are from achieving your goal. Without a measurable means of tracking success, you lose direction. Remember, you can always increase your benchmarks later as you achieve them!

Dream Big, Work Hard. Inspirational Quote on Small Yellow Chalkboard. Business Background. Top View.A: Attainable

Now, this is where the application of the first two letters comes into play: you want to dream big, but you have to be realistic while you do it. If you set your goals too high, then you’re not going to achieve them, and you’ll be let down.

While failure is an important component of expanding your skills, too much can be crippling. You want a goal that is attainable so that you can see some success, even when the occasional idea misses the mark.

Take baby steps with your goals: start with a small gain, then another. Your achievements will fuel continued success, and your failures will serve as useful guidelines for the future rather than a massive blow.

How can you make attainable goals, though? Here is where you may need to look at your past data: if you haven’t been keeping track of what you’ve done in the past, then you’ll need to take a few months to establish a baseline for this to work. Once you know what your current status is, then you can increase your reach from there.

R: Relevant

Keep your goals relevant! This should be a common sense point. You want your goals to align with your current customer base, buyer personas, and so on: if, for example, if you get a lot of your leads from Facebook and Google ads, then make sure your desired target is based on those foundations. This will also feed into the last letter, "A."

T: Timeline

A goal is no good without a timeline attached to it, and it's easier to keep your investment measurable when you hold yourself accountable to a schedule. Proper scheduling also helps motivate you to proceed with your aims in an organized fashion.

It's Time to Make the SMART Move to Mark. Z!

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