24 Oct 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

Here's How You Can Master Decluttering to Sell a House in Novi MI

Moving in Novi is an adventurous time, but it can be stressful too! There is plenty of work that goes into selling your home. With the right guidance, you can put your nervous tension to rest. There are some definite steps you’ll want to take before putting your home on the market. Decluttering to sell a house is one of those steps. You’ll want your home to look great before people come for any viewings. Here are some concrete things you can do to make the organizing process go more smoothly.

1. It All Starts with Cleaning

Start the decluttering process by giving your home a thorough cleaning; tackle one room at a time. When you begin clearing rooms, your focus isn't dirt or dust. Instead, you’ll remove items littered across your interior spaces. For example, you may have things on top of the dressers, on tables, sitting in corners, and so on. All of this adds to the cramped “feel” of a home. You’ll want to gather all of these random items and find a home for them! That means looking in your closets, bathrooms, basement, and recreational rooms too. This is how you really begin decluttering to sell a house!

2. Sort and Organize

As mentioned before, start with one section at a time when you first begin sorting. This way, you don’t get too overwhelmed and lose motivation. Take all the things from one of the rooms that are lying about and sort them into three piles:

1. A pile for things you don’t want any longer: Consider taking some tips from Marie Kondo on this one and release any items that no longer "spark joy." An advantage of creating this pile is that you can generate some extra income or give back to your neighbors through donations!

2. A pile for things you want but won’t use for now: These are items you do want to keep, but they don't have a useful place in your home at the moment.

3. A pile of things to get you through the sale: The last collection will consist of things you’ll need as you wait for your house to sell.

It would be helpful to box up the items that you won’t need for a while or until you get settled into your new place. This has the added advantage of making your home staging process easier. Box up the items you no longer love and intend to donate as well. Boxes are far easier to stack than bags and make moving items more manageable.

Organize Closet

3. Donate Unwanted Items

Now it’s time to remove some of the things that you’ve gathered up. This will aid tremendously in your efforts in decluttering to sell a house.

Let’s start with the items you no longer want: you have a couple of options with these items. You can sell any of the things that may be worth something if you have the time, or even host a yard sale. However, donating the items may be easier and faster—and it’s tax-deductible too! Here are a few places that will take your donations in and around the Novi area:

The Salvation Army Family Donation Center

730 North Pontiac Trail
Walled Lake, MI
(248) 669-1443

Cash Paid or Consignment

24404 Catherine Industrial Dr.
Novi, MI
(248) 795-0362

Goodwill Commerce Store

3281 Crumb Rd.
Commerce Township, MI
(248) 859-5927

Plato’s Closet

43283 Crescent Blvd.
Novi, MI
(248) 846-0225

Eddie Bauer

27520 Novi Rd.
Novi, MI
(248) 348-4411

4. Temporary Storage

There will be some things you don’t want to part with, yet they are in the way when decluttering to sell a house. A storage unit is the best place for these things until you are settled into your new home. Then you can find a place for them. Several places offer storage services in and around the Novi area, and these provide a convenient way to facilitate the moving process.

Simply Self Storage

2498 Haggerty Rd.
Novi, MI
(248) 478-4555

Mini U Storage

39670 Grand River Ave.
Novi, MI
(248) 471-7900

Compass Self Storage

40900 Grand River Ave.
Novi, MI
(248) 232-9653

Estate Storage

21650 Novi Rd.
Novi, MI
(248) 349-1673

Storage of America

22222 Roethel Dr.
Novi, MI
(248) 841-4374

Make sure you pack your storage items appropriately. Always wrap fragile items. You can use blankets to drape around small furniture that you put in storage such as coffee tables. This will ensure they stay protected. Finally, don’t forget to label any boxes you put in storage. This will make it easier to organize your items later on.


5. Further Organization

Once you have all non-essentials removed from your home, you can begin to organize the things that are left. You’ll find that it’s a much simpler task now that many of the items are gone. The restructuring will enhance the overall appearance. With many of your possessions removed, you’ll also have extra space, which will make the house appear expansive as well as clean.

As you prepare to put your house on the market, take these preparatory steps to create a stunning first impression for those who view it. Once your home is sparkling, it's crucial to connect with a reputable realtor. At MARK Z., we have a stellar team ready to make your house shine through proactive marketing techniques. Get in touch with us, and we’ll discuss how you can put the MARK Z. experience to work for you! We're so confident that we can sell your home we guarantee this: we sell your home, or we buy it!




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