21 Mar 2018

Mark Zawaideh

Big Home Improvements With High ROI for Homeowners


improvement-roiFor many homeowners, one of the most important things to consider when trying to decide which home improvement projects to take on is return on investment. The right home upgrades can boost the sale price of a Commerce home and help homeowners recover their costs.

Deck Addition

Adding a deck is an inexpensive upgrade that typically costs between $5,000 and $10,000. A successful deck addition can deliver as much as 70% ROI. Containing costs is important for getting a high return on investment. This is done by using pressure treated wood instead of composite decking and by keeping the design of the deck relatively basic. It's also a good idea to landscape in the vicinity around the deck to make the new structure is as attractive as possible.

Kitchen Remodel

Home buyers often love beautiful kitchens, so it's no surprise that the ROI of a kitchen remodel is as high as 93%. Like the deck addition, the secret to getting the most ROI for a kitchen remodel is in containing the costs. Mid-level kitchen remodels (around $15,000) have a much higher return on investment than high-end kitchen remodels. Homeowners hoping to sell their home soon will get the most bang for their buck by avoiding gourmet appliances and custom-designed cabinetry.

Bathroom Addition

A home with only one bathroom is at a clear disadvantage when it's time to sell. Home buyers are attracted to homes that have at least two bathrooms, or one bathroom and a half bath. A typical bathroom will cost around $59,000 to install, but will deliver a 50% ROI. That's a lot of money to add on to the sale price of a house.


Projects that boost curb appeal have a big impact on a home's value, which means high ROI. Landscaping is a project that can have a big impact on curb appeal. Even a small investment in landscaping, like the addition of a few extra garden beds and some well-chosen shrubs, can have a big impact on the sale price of a house. Homeowners hoping to boost their curb appeal should keep their eye on colorful flowers and may want to splurge for a professional landscaping design.

Contact A Real Estate Professional For Selling Advice

If you're a homeowner hoping to sell your home soon, talk to a real estate professional for advice. He or she can help you decide which home improvement projects will have the biggest impact on the value of your home.

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