11 Apr 2019

Mark Zawaideh

How Technology Streamlines the Real Estate Process

A real estate agent's goal is to sell homes quickly and efficiently. That means using different methods to optimize the house buying and selling process. Some of those methods include:


  • Implementing proactive marketing techniques

  • Utilizing technology to streamline communications

  • Using technological solutions to highlight homes

As realtors use these tools, they can fast track the house selling process and increase customer satisfaction. Let's take a look at the two methods that deal with technology in closer detail.

Streamline Real Estate Communications Through Enhanced Technology

One of the most important parts of making a deal in real estate is keeping on top of the communication process. When someone calls about seeing a house, it’s critical that you get back to them promptly.

 The right type of technology helps realtors connect with clients and accomplish their goals. Through modern technological advances, real estate agents can conveniently set up viewing times.

 How does it work? Using a customized dashboard, potential buyers click on the time slot they want to see the home. If that is a good time, the realtor can accept it. If not, you can select a different time until you both find a mutually convenient one.

Here is a list of software that helps with the communication process, lead generation, and scheduling:


Showing Suite

Find convenience scheduling and arranging all those open houses, appointments, and showings with this software. It will also help you keep email addresses, phone numbers, lockbox codes, and more organized.


This is artificial intelligence lead qualification software. When leads come through, the chatbot asks qualifying questions to determine the level of interest. It also can schedule a showing when necessary, and the realtor can step into the conversation at any time.


This software is necessary for realtors. It allows buyer agents to use an app or call a number to arrange multiple viewings at one time. Using these apps and software as well as others, realtors speed up the entire house selling process. This, in turn, creates happier homeowners.

Use Technological Solutions to Highlight Homes

The homeowner can accept or reject the timeslot all from the convenience of their phone app or software enhancing productivity.

 One of the most valuable technological advances for realtors is in the field of virtual reality. The definition of virtual reality is “the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way.”

 Virtual reality allows the user to take an electronic tour of a property. They would be able to view the entire home and property using their computer or even a smartphone. Virtual reality gives users the sense that they are actually in the house.


Some of the benefits of this technology include:

Time Saver

People who are pressed for time due to work or life’s commitments will enjoy the convenience of using virtual reality. Potential buyers won’t have to rush from work to see a house. They can view the house when they want and for as long as they want without feeling rushed. That means they can examine every room before deciding if they want to see it in person. Overall, the entire process is smoother when prospective buyers can check out the house in advance.

 Provides Convenience

The convenience of virtual reality cannot be overstated. Imagine lounging in your recliner after work and at the same time “walking” through your dream house. Buyers can look at homes in the early morning hours or the middle of the night. They can even do it on a holiday. It doesn’t matter the day or time, which makes it all the more convenient.

 Helps Buyers Narrow Down the Choices

Buyers can become worn out pretty quickly when they are running to one house and then another. This is especially tiresome for those who work full time. However, virtual reality helps potential buyers zero in on the houses they really like thus eliminating the ones that won’t suit their needs.

See the House From Different Perspectives

Sometimes people want to examine a room from an angle that is unusual.  Virtual reality allows viewers to see what rooms look like from any position. Buyers will have the ability to check out homes up close and personal by zooming in.

 Some virtual reality apps allow users to superimpose furniture in the rooms so they can see what the space would look like decorated with pieces similar to theirs.

 When realtors take advantage of the advances made in technology to streamline the house selling process, then everyone is happy. Thanks to the development of software and apps, people now have more tools available to make the process of searching for and purchasing a house easier.

 At Mark Z Real Estate Experts, we utilize the best in technology, so your home sells in record time. Our proactive, aggressive marketing techniques coupled with our years of experience ensures buyers or sellers are satisfied. To find out more about the technology we use, get in touch with us today!


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