21 Aug 2014

Mark Zawaideh

How to Buy a Michigan Home if You're Coming from Out of State

It’s challenging to buy a home in a new state when you’re living in a different state. When you don’t live in the state you’re moving to, you might not know the neighborhoods, the best agents to work with, and what school district you’re going to want for your kids. For those looking to move to Michigan from another state, here are some tips on making the transition go smoothly.

How to Start

Before anything else, get yourself a good buyer’s agent. A buyer’s agent will usually be paid for by a seller, can help guide you in the process, they’ll negotiate on your behalf while representing your interests, and will keep your information confidential. Avoid listing agent’s that represent the seller and will try to get you to pay the highest price.

Where can I find a Michigan buyer’s agent?

You can always check out open houses and talk to the agent hosting it. Make sure to ask if they are the listing agent or a buyer agent. This is a good chance to familiarize with an agent and determine if they seem knowledgeable and if their personality works for you. You can look them up online later to see how many houses they’ve sold and if you can’t find much information on them online, it’s wise to go elsewhere.

You can also do an internet search for home listings. Use keywords like “buyer’s agent Michigan suburbs” for house listings or simply go on realtor.com for buyer agent profiles.

It’s always easiest if you have a friend or family member that can refer you to someone, but if you don’t have a referral, then these are the best routes to go when moving to Michigan.

Once you have an agent…

Your agent can send you new listings and price reductions regularly. The buyer can take virtual tours online if they aren’t able to make it to an open house. Once you’ve found your home, make sure you’ve finalized the sale of your home first so that your bank will approve your loan for the home in Michigan.

While moving to Michigan from out of state sounds difficult, it can be a smooth process with the right agent and getting your old home sold so that you can get the loan on the new home.

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