29 Mar 2016

Mark Zawaideh

How to Make Your Home Feel Happy to Potential Buyers

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How to Give Buyers a Positive Experience When Showing Your Home

If you are ever a potential home buyer, you will want to walk into a listed home that feels like home and has positive energy. Similarly, when listing your home, you will want to make sure it has that appeal that you would be looking for as a buyer. In each room, there are specific things that can be done to make sure the mood is exactly where it should be.

Create a Calm Environment

Feature shades of blue in the bedroom as this creates a calming mood. Hide any electronics, get rid of clutter, add dim switches to adjust lighting as needed. For an extra touch, add a lavender plant to promote the calming effect already created by the color.

Be Bold in the Office

Add purple to your home office for a bold effect that is linked with success and creativity. Make sure there are windows for natural light as this will keep concentration levels high for the potential buyer who will invest time in that office in the future. When decorating the home office, include bold lines to create a mood that boosts productivity. All of these little things will give your home office a high appeal to potential buyers.

Neutral Colors in the Bathroom

Earthy colors are best in the bathroom to ensure the mood remains neutral. Natural light might not be that easy to come by in this room, so an easy alternative is the use of halogen bulbs. Consider placing an Aloe Vera plant in your bathroom as these are medicinal and don't require much sunlight. Lastly, keeping the toilet lid closed will make the room appear more tidy.

Make a Modern Living Room

To promote a feeling of revitalization in the living room, use green. Along with this, the use of natural light gives a sense of well-being (bonus: using a skylight as your source of natural light will give a modern look to the room). A variety of furniture types will accommodate every type of personality so that any potential buyer will feel at home. A great plant choice for the living room is a palm because the grow very well in low light.

Build an Exciting Dining Area

When choosing colors for the dining room, decide on shades of red. Red is an exciting color that coordinates wonderfully with social areas. Also, use a round table rather than rectangular in this room as it is more inviting to a group of people. 

Paint a Positive Kitchen

Finally, when working on the kitchen, include yellow tints throughout. This ensures the kitchen to be a very positive and happy place to go in the morning so that your potential buyer will know they will wake up in a good mood in your home. Include a spider plant in the kitchen to purify the air and remove germs. 

While you're in the midst of having showings in your home, keep your windows open frequently to make sure the whole house has a fresh feeling to it. Considering these simple and inexpensive touches will create the proper moods in each room of your home that will appeal to any potential buyer that comes through. When a buyer is thinking about the homes they've seen, they will be reminded of the freshness, energy and overall amazing ambiance of yours. Create a positive appeal and sell your home that much faster. 

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