14 Nov 2019

Mark Zawaideh

How to Prepare Your Ann Arbor MI Home for the Listing Process

While working with top Detroit real estate agents an excellent first step to selling your home, there are some things you can do on your own to expedite the process. If you want your Ann Arbor home to move off the market fast, then make all the necessary preparations before listing it! Consider completing these steps before you list your home, and you’ll be delighted by the results.

1. Enhance the Exterior

You can start outside and work your way in. Remember, everyone who comes to see your home will begin by viewing the outside, too. Imagine you are the potential buyer arriving at your house; what do you see outside? You can group the exterior into two categories:


When people pull up, do they see overgrown brush, weeds, or tree limbs too close to the house? These landscaping tasks will help spruce up the home and make a great first impression:

  • Trim the bushes
  • Deal with any stray weeds
  • Replenish your mulch or rock bed
  • Stage a planter with seasonal flowers or greenery
  • Cut back any tree limbs that could cause damage to the house.

Improve Exterior

House Exterior

You also want to consider how people will view your home when they first see its exterior. Do they see a dirty or faded exterior? Is it bland and unattractive? Here are a few ways to perk things up a bit:

  • Put a fresh coat of paint on your front door
  • Get a cheery wreath for the door
  • Apply new address numbers to the home
  • Power wash the exterior
  • Make sure any porches or decks are clean and in good repair
  • Fix any damaged pavement.

2. Deal with Interior Repairs

No one wants to buy a home riddled with DIY fixes! You can get a head start on any problems that may exist in your home by making repairs now instead of waiting for the inspection. When the inspection comes back, you’ll have a glowing report. Many repairs are easy enough to do yourself, which saves money and time. Some simple DIY repairs you can do include:

  • Sealing the windows and doors
  • Fixing drains
  • Tightening up the carpeting
  • Replacing damaged floor tiles.

3. Freshen up the Walls

New paint is an inexpensive way to freshen up your walls and home. Painting the interior is especially important if you have any bright or unusual colors on the walls. People will appreciate neutral tones on move-in because they’re easier to match with any décor. Some of the popular neutral colors for 2019 include:

  • Pewter
  • White
  • Gray
  • Mauve
  • Beige
  • Stone
  • Ivory

Home Improvement

4. Clean the Interior

Nothing is a greater "turn off" than a dirty house. However, dirt has a way of accumulating even if we keep up with regular cleaning. Plus, there are some areas we don’t clean weekly. Now is the time to give your entire Ann Arbor home a “spring cleaning.”

  • Start by cleaning your home from top to bottom.
  • Make sure to get to all those areas you may not get to regularly.
  • Take time to clean things like your stove and refrigerator.
  • If you have a basement, check it out thoroughly and ensure it is fresh and clean.

There’s a sparkle to every home that is freshly cleaned and deodorized!

5. Organize the Clutter

Next, you can organize your house with ease by removing all the clutter. Some things you’ll want to get rid of, while other items can be put in storage. This will clear your home of clutter and make it look more spacious and neat. Don’t forget to check inside closets, cupboards, and other places viewers may want to look!

6. Make the Space Inviting

Create an atmosphere that is inviting and comfortable in your home. You’ll want people to envision themselves right at home in your house. However, you want to be careful that your house isn’t too personalized with your items. While you want it to seem homey, you don’t want people to get a sense that it has your name written all over it. Here are a few suggestions to make the house more inviting, but not too personalized:

  • Burn a sweet-smelling candle, or consider a diffuser.
  • Arrange the furniture in a comfortable manner.
  • Freshen up that welcome mat at the front door.
  • Make sure your window treatments are not damaged or stained.
  • Put a vase of real or artificial flowers on the kitchen table.
  • Remove any personal pictures of your family from the walls.
  • Leave walls bare or use only generic pictures on the walls.

List Your Home with the Experts!

Now you’re ready to put your house on the market. With these tips, you’re sure to sell your Ann Arbor home in no time. However, to make the process even easier, be sure to use a qualified real estate agent. At MARK Z., our team of professionals uses an aggressive, proactive marketing strategy to sell your home quickly! Get started for FREE using our Prep for Listing Checklist!

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