28 Aug 2014

Mark Zawaideh

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale on a Budget

Plumber Fixing Kitchen SinkPreparing your home for selling it is a huge process. From cleaning to pack your belongings, there are a lot of tasks to do before you can really sell the home. Another problem many face is that they are tight on money at the time of the sale and don’t know how to begin preparing the home on a budget. Replacing carpeting, tiles, countertops, cabinets, and roofing for example can be very pricey. So, is there a way to cost-effectively prepare the home?

What do Buyers Care about?

Since buyers don’t spend much time looking at bathrooms, you can get away with avoiding most repairs and updates here. If you have wallpaper, remove it, and if needed you could always replace fixtures or stained tubs and toilets. Otherwise, just hang fresh towels, buy a new bath rug, put a scented candle out, and put away any personal items.


A buyer will notice more obvious things like problems with the exterior. Grab an objective perspective through a friend that can point out flaws to you that you probably have overlooked over time and start there.

Make sure the lawn has been mowed and trim bushes that block windows. Make sure the windows have been washed, the house has been power sprayed for cobwebs, and your house number has been repainted.

These are little things the buyer may notice if they are not done. A few tricks to enhance the likelihood of the sale include planting yellow flowers by the front door, buying a new welcome mat, replacing the front door or simply repainting it, and painting or replacing the mailbox.


The most important room is the kitchen, so focus your updates here. Replace worn out faucets, install a pendant light over the sink, and buy new knobs for cabinet doors. Cover the counter tiles with granite tiles or you can re-grout the tiles. Any wood cabinets should be re-stained.

Finally, don’t forget to remove excess clutter, personal items and photos. Then just make sure you repaint the walls neutral colors to attract more buyers.

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