11 Mar 2020

Mark Zawaideh

How to sell your home for top dollar in 2020

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How to sell your Metro Detroit home for top dollar in 2020 with the least amount of hassle, frustration and stress.

Over the last five years, WE SOLD A HOME EVERY 18 HOURS on average. Through that experience, we really know what it takes to get you the top dollar for your home in 2020.

The market's completely different than it was five years ago, 10 years ago.

You have to be on the cutting edge to make it happen.

It is not if your home's going to sell in 2020, but it's for how much it's going to sell.

You only have one shot, so you really want to make it count, don't you?

The first step, home warranty.

We reduce the amount of risk to the buyer.

Remove the potential risk to the buyer because then they're going to give you more money.

It's a preemptive negotiation.

It's preemptively getting them to pay more money because they see your home as buttoned up, a bow on top, pre-certified, ready to go, no repairs needed, right?

People pay more for new than they do for old, so we give them a home warranty.

You're actually going to pay for it and the home warranty is going to cover them for the next 13 months for the little things, appliances, plumbing and so forth.

It's really worth it.

The second thing you want to do is you want to get your home pre-inspected by a licensed inspector.

Yes, homeowners, you want to pay for this.

What most homeowners do is they wait until they get a buyer under contract and then hold their breath during the home inspection period.

That professional home inspector is hired by the buyer now, right!

The inspector is going out there trying to find every little thing wrong with your home.

They're actually trying to make the deal fall apart.

I've had professional home inspectors tell me, on really nice homes or new homes, they have to find something!

It gets into a negotiation and while the buyer is getting buyer's remorse.

In fact, we've seen dozens, if not hundreds of homes, fall through in 2019 because of the home inspection.

You can prevent all of this by having it inspected on your own and then taking care of all the little items.

Reach out to us for our list of home inspectors.

We'll get you at least three home inspectors, up to 10, that you can hire to do a pre-inspection of your home.

We also have a handyman, general contractor that can come help you with the little items if you don't want to do them yourself.

The third thing is staging.

Your home needs to present exceptionally well to get top dollar.

Again, homes will sell in 2020, but the question is for how much?

The nicest, cleanest, most decluttered homes sell for the most money.

Now, homes that are professionally staged or even virtually staged actually sell for 1%, 2%, 3% more money. On a $400,000 home, doesn't it make sense to stage? 3% more money? That's $12,000.

That's worth it, right?

We have access to professional stagers and our listing partners are well-versed on how to stage homes to get top dollar.

Number four is the valuation.

The price you determine to offer to the public, not necessarily what it's worth.

The traditional real estate agent is still using this old antiquated system called a CMA, a comparable market analysis. It's over. It's done.

See, in a rapidly changing market where homes are selling quickly and prices are going up, a CMA doesn't really work.

They're going to find comparable sales that are six months, even a year old.

A home a year ago is worth 6% less than it is today.

Plus, the market analysis doesn't tell you if the home that sold sold because they were distressed, right?

They had a death or there was a divorce or they were forced to sell.

It doesn't tell you if it smelled really bad.

It doesn't tell you if that agent had really bad marketing and nobody knew about it.

So the agent is telling you your home's worth 400,000 based on a home that had really terrible marketing.

You see how they could be a problem?

So you really want an agent or a team that uses the valuation approach that goes beyond comparable sales, that forecast into the future, that positions you to attract the most amount of buyers, get the most demand, and ultimately a higher price for your home.

The fifth, and one of the most important things that you can do and control in 2020 to get the most money, is the marketing!

The agency you hire to market your home.

94% of buyers search online.

All agents will tell you that they market online but it's not if they do, it's how.

Did you know Facebook has 400,000 data points on you?

So if you have a Facebook profile, which billions of people do, they know 400,000 different things about you.

If you have a home that's three bedrooms, two bath, one level, or a home in Leavenworth or a home in Lake Chelan on the water.

I know the buyer that wants to buy your home.

I know how much they make.

I know where they live.

I know what they like to do to have fun and...

I can target them and market your home to them directly through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google.

I can target them.

That's really where marketing is going is that direct messaging to the person that wants to buy your home.

It's not just let's put it out there and see what happens.

It's being really targeted, finding the people that are willing to pay top dollar, right?

It's no longer putting a sign in the yard and wishing, so marketing is extremely important.

Professional photography is a must and it's almost standard, but shockingly, a lot of agents aren't using professional photography, especially if you have a nice home.

Let me say that again. If you have a really nice home, the agent might be thinking, "This is going to sell itself, so I don't have to do as much." Crazy!

What we think at our office is, "This is an exceptional home, so let's do even more, because if we do more, the more money you will get."

Professional photography is a must and then video is an absolute to get top dollar in 2020.
Plus Video tours.

Videos online about your home.

Your agency or agent needs to be doing video content online.

They MUST be visible.

They need to be trustworthy.

See, the human mind can't tell the difference between a video and a real person, but a photo, yeah, they know it's a photo, right?

You see the power of video. Video is very, very powerful.

The other thing is, photography isn't just on the ground.

It's in the air now with drones and aerial photography.

Many of the homes we sell in Metro Detroit are lakefront properties.

You need to capture the property from up above and we can do that through our licensed drone operators.

Number seven, probably the most critical thing because the industry is completely different than it used to be.

In the 1970s, 80s, 90s and 00s, you probably could hire a solo agent but right now, in 2020, do not hire a solo agent.

They cannot handle all of the tasks it takes to achieve top dollar.

They cannot handle all of the marketing that it takes to get top dollar.

Will your home sell?

Probably, because the market's hot, but they will not get top dollar.

So number seven, the most critical, don't hire a solo agent.

Find a team that has systems, people and a process to get you top dollar.

If you have any questions about how to get the most money for your house…

Or maybe you want to know what your home is worth today?

Call us today 844-7653-299

There's no obligation ever to list with us or even to use our company, but we're going to give you all of our advice.

So reach out to us. You can go to www.markzproperties.com or, as always, you can call us 844-SOLD-BY-Z or 844-7653-29

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