5 Apr 2016

Mark Zawaideh

How to Upgrade Your Front Entrance

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Home Improvement: Making a Great Entryway

We all know that first impressions are always key. This applies in the real estate world, and if your home is lacking in curb appeal, it might not appeal as much as a whole to the potential buyer searching for a new home. In fact, the inside of your home, now matter how amazing it may look, might not even be given a chance if the front entrance isn't in great shape. This week, we have some simple and inexpensive tips to upgrade the front entrance of your home!


An always easy and affordable way to update any part of your home is to re-paint. Consider re-painting your door, the trim around it, or even the exterior of the house itself. Choose a color scheme that will serve as a complement to the way your home already looks. To make the look of your entrance more eye-catching, go with a light or deep color, such as tan or olive green. 


After you have re-painted the areas of your entryway, finish the job with some new stain. Adding a unique stain to your door will set your home apart from other homes on your block. There are several appealing shades you can choose from, such as Red Oak, Espresso, and Gun Stock. 

Creating Contrast

When you are choosing a paint color with a stain color, aim for contrast. Contrast creates a unique, fresh, and modern look that your potential buyers won't be able to forget. For example, you might choose to paint your door a deep red shade and the areas surrounding it white. Another idea would be to paint the door a mustard yellow, make the trim white, and paint the surrounding areas on the exterior a deep blue color. 


Finally, one of the most simple things you can do to make your front entrance stand out is to add accessories. Place plants on and/or around the porch, upgrade your porch light fixture or paint your existing one, modernize your door handle, and add a welcome mat to really emphasize the "homey" feeling that buyers are looking for. 

Renovating various areas of your home doesn't always have to be a complicated and expensive task. Implement these simple ideas to accentuate your front entrance and your buyers will surely be impressed!


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