7 Mar 2016

Mark Zawaideh

Insider Tech Tips Every Realtor Should Know

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Using Helpful Technology as an Agent

Are you a realtor who's looking for more efficient ways to run your business? We have provided some more advanced and paperless options that can be implemented in the office to make sure you are serving your clients as best as possible, whether they're selling or buying a home of their dreams.


If you are not yet using this, Dropbox is a great business tool that allows you to share documents with more ease. Dropbox can be used to share documents such as showing schedules. 


This is an exciting visual aid used to present information. If you notice clients asking similar questions about the listing or buying processes, for example, you can create infographics to effectively present the answers to these questions. 

Video Walkthroughs

Create virtual tours of properties that your team is listing to provide a fun, more hands-on way to market them.


Gather any neighborhood or market data you may have and compile it into a PDF document to be easily viewed by clients.

Go Paperless

Recently, many businesses have converted to paperless processes in order to be more cost efficient and environmentally friendly. Your office can go paperless by introducing things such as electronic signatures for both clients and agents. 

Mobile Friendly

Finally, as your real estate office is evolving, make sure everything you do has a mobile capability as this provides convenience for your clients to view and sign various items as needed.

Implement the above tools into your real estate office, use them intelligently, and you will be sure to have the the most efficiently operated office as possible that will grow quickly and with ease!

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