4 Jun 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

Marketing Plan


The Pro-Active Marketing Plan
"The Plan That Just SOLD 51 Homes In 60 Days"

Yes that is correct, 51 homes sold in 60 days, and we have SOLD nearly A BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF REAL ESTATE! We were the NUMBER 1 Real Estate Team in Metro Detroit in our entire company and ranked by The Wall Street Journal as one of the Top 100 Real Estate Teams in the entire country. I don't tell you this to impress you, but instead to impress upon you that our systems flat out work!

Thanks to our time-tested, multi-tiered approach to selling real estate, you can count on the Mark Z Selling Team to attract the most buyers, sell your home in the least amount of time, for the highest price possible.

There is a reason that we have acquired more than 2,000 raving fans in just 8 years — we have the most comprehensive marketing plan in the industry, and it's been proven to work in any type of market.

The key to the success of my marketing plan is the fact that I make daily contact with prospective buyers, as well as sellers that will soon become buyers, and with top local real estate agents who have clients looking for a home just like yours.

Traditional passive methods of selling (i.e. waiting for buyers to come to us) are NOT nearly as effective as contacting potential buyers or their agents and convincing them to look at your home. "Active" marketing like this makes all the difference, and 6 days a week you can count on me to promote your home to buyers!

Our 151 Step No Risk Home Sale System



A commitment to continually developing new marketing strategies has enabled the Mark Z Selling Team to be among the top real estate firms in Detroit.

Only 1% of agents out there go to the lengths that we do in marketing our clients' homes, which explains why only 1% of real estate agents in the entire country get the kind of results that we do.

Our pro-active marketing plan includes 151 steps that are geared towards one purpose — getting your home sold!

We use the latest technology to create a complete advertising package for your home, which may include things like video tours and webcasts, as well as advertising your listing on all the top real estate websites.  We also utilize social media, reverse prospect on the MLS, and develop innovative tools like our Text Messaging Call Capture System.

We are so confident in our 151 Step Marketing Plan, that we offer incredible guarantees to our clients such as the exclusive Guaranteed Home Selling Program. With this program, if I don't sell your home in 120 days, I'll buy it! There is also the ONE DAY LISTING GUARANTEE, which is our 100% satisfaction guarantee for sellers. And for buyers interested in buying your property, we have the Love it or Leave it Guarantee, which reduces the stress and risk involved with buying a new home.

Download our 151 Point Marketing Plan, just enter a name and email address and you'll be on your way to home selling success!



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