20 Jun 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

Pristine Schedules: A Powerful Tool for Real Estate Agents

If you’re a real estate agent, you probably have your hands full much of the time. Between chasing down leads, showing homes, negotiating deals, and everything in between, you may feel that you need an extra pair of hands to get it all done. However, you may be working harder than you need to! You say you want to keep aiming higher, so you have to put in associated hours that come with success—but with the right scheduling plan, you can accomplish more than you think.

People today are discovering that it’s easier than ever before to work smarter rather than harder; the tasks of a real estate agent have changed quite a bit in the last several years! With the digital domain dominating how people do business, there are fresh, new ways to get things done.

Since efficiency is a critical factor in putting in less time at work while still making the same money, it’s essential to schedule your day correctly. Here are three tips for adding some organization to your busy life!

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Use an Eisenhower Matrix to Maximize Your Day

Everyone knows that prioritizing is key to efficiency. Many people struggle in this area: it’s easy to look at your pile of “stuff” and gravitate towards the tasks that look easiest right then. However, surfing Reddit is likely not your highest priority. So, what happens when we consistently select lower priority tasks over more critical work? We get behind on the "big" projects that should be holding our attention from day one! 

If you want to beat this chaotic spiral, you can implement a method called the Eisenhower Matrix. An SEO specialist, Joshua Jarvis, developed this system to help you categorize your tasks. The less overwhelmed you feel, the less likely you are to avoid important deadlines. There are four main categories that you should use any time a job comes your way:

  1. Do First: These are items that you need to do right away. These are urgent and can’t be put off
  2. Schedule: These are crucial tasks, but they can be scheduled "to do." Don’t ignore these jobs; get them on your calendar.
  3. Delegate: These jobs are ones that you can delegate to someone else. You can automate some of these tasks or use a virtual assistant to help (more on that later).
  4. Don’t Do: These are tasks that haven’t brought you any results. It’s time to ditch this effort and move on to more productive work.

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Making Time for Crucial Tasks

Create blocks of time that you devote to critical tasks. Some of these time chunks need to be daily, while others can be done every week. For example, once a week you’ll want to put all your tasks in the Eisenhower Matrix, so you’re ready for the week ahead. Mondays just so happen to be a great day for this! Next, set aside another block of time every day to work on generating leads, developing your marketing plan, and bringing in new business. By doing this, you are ensuring that you always have fresh leads to follow and more work to schedule!

Automate Your Workload

Take full advantage of automation software. Find one that suits your needs and discover how much time it will save you! You can easily streamline tasks such as online appointment bookings, automated emails to your contacts, and even program in a little help remembering your clients’ birthdays (if you want to). Real estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will help you maximize your productivity. Streamlining your real estate work has never been easier!

When Scheduling Software Can't Help

Even with these organization, scheduling, and automation tips, it's hard to get work done and find leads without being a part of the right brokerage! Finding your dream team to work with is as easy as joining Mark Z Real Estate. Take your career to the next level!


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