24 Jun 2015

Mark Zawaideh

Restaurant Spotlight: Epic Pizza and Bistro In Commerce

Epic Pizza and Bistro:

Address: 2510 Union Lake Rd., Commerce Township, MI 48382
Tel: (248) 363-7000
Website: http://epicpizzeria.com

It’s hard to change up something, especially if you really like it.  So, when I decided to try a new pizza at a new restaurant I was betting on the devil I didn’t know versus the devil I did.

Epic Pizza and Bistro is located on Union Lake Road in Commerce Township and owned by Gabriel and Esther who moved into the spot after Daniel’s Pizza Bistro closed last year.  It’s family owned and operated with their kids pulling in some hours.

 I strolled into the restaurant expecting a couple four tops and plastic chairs and a long counter where carry-outs are ordered and picked up. I was surprised to walk in and see a nicer set up with booths and a slight Italian feel. I spoke with the woman behind the counter who was very nice and offered a few suggestions on their menu.

But I wanted pizza so I ordered a medium pizza with onion and green pepper and a bag of breadsticks to go.

Pizza is hard to mess up so I didn’t expect anything bad. When I popped open the box I was delighted to see plenty of peppers and onion on top of a bright white mozzarella cheese.  The crust looked good and crisp too so I was ready to dive in.

It was good and tasted better than the chain store pizzas but not quite the family-owned I was expecting. Nonetheless I enjoyed it enough to say it’s worth a try. The breadsticks could have been a little crispier and even a little smaller. They felt more like the bread you get at the start of the meal courtesy of the restaurant more than an appetizer breadstick.

While the food didn’t blow me away I’m eager to give it another try.  Maybe not the pizza but I’d like to take the family, enjoy the atmosphere and try a sub and maybe even one of their desserts.

The Menu
Pasta Entrees
Chicken Wings


Posted by Steven Hartman

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