18 Jul 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

Sharpen Your Skills as a Realtor with Effective Networking

As a real estate agent in the Detroit metro area, a crucial part of being successful is connecting with other people. Let’s face it—without people, you have no work. That means you need to bump up your game in the networking department, polish up your skills in socializing, and learn a few things about how to meet more people.

The more connections you have online and in person, the more chances you’ll have to meet someone who is buying or selling a home. It happens all the time—someone is ready to sell their home, they talk to a friend who happens to know an agent they met at a local gathering. They refer the agent, and a sale is made; you want these referrals!Crowds of People Moving Blurred Convention Meeting Hall

Ultimately, this means you need to have a networking plan that works with you and for you.

Partner with a Property Management Company

Property management companies are one of a realtor’s best friends: they deal with real estate just as you do, and you don’t need to see them as competitors—sometimes people aren’t ready to commit to buying, or they can’t buy at the moment, so they rent. However, in time, the renters WILL be prepared to buy—that's when having them as a contact will be handy. If you have been building relationships with property managers, then you have a direct line to the people who may be buying in the future. Consider this as a future line of revenue!

Another reason property management companies are helpful is because they may know of investors who are looking for a house to buy, usually for the purposes of renting. If it works out with the investor, he or she may even buy future homes from you, making this a lucrative avenue to explore.

Get Involved With the Community

The Detroit metro area is buzzing with opportunities because it’s full of people who may want to buy or sell a house—or they know someone who does. The only way you will have that connection is by getting involved. Volunteering is a great way to do that, and it's a valuable way to give back to the community, as well. You'll meet a variety of people through volunteering.

You can also involve yourself in collaborating with businesses and schools: offer to talk to the students at the school on college day about the company. There may be opportunities to meet parents, school staff, and administrators—you never know where this will lead!Business people having coffee break during seminar

Make Sure Your Marketing Plan is Current!

Aside from meeting people in person, it’s critical to have your website and social media platforms up to date. You want to make sure you are utilizing all the proper platforms to make connections and not just spinning your wheels with marketing that isn't bringing in great leads.

In addition to having your sites up to speed, you want a proactive marketing plan: don’t sit back and wait for work to fall into your lap! Reach out to those who may be looking by speaking their language: this is accomplished with ease when you have an effective marketing plan in place. Working with an aggressive brokerage is one first step towards ensuring you have as many leads as you can handle!

Make Connections in the Industry

In the real estate business, you will have the opportunity to meet with many other business professionals who also deal with housing such as inspectors, appraisers, loan officers, and contractors. These individuals all play an essential role in helping the homeowner, or potential homeowner, with getting into or out of their home. Make the most out of your interactions with these individuals: they are always dealing with people buying and selling homes! By maintaining relationships with your fellow experts, you may get a referral from one of them—or you may meet someone through shared word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best ways to get your name out there, even in the digital age!

Attend Industry-Related Conferences and Events

Take the time to check out different conferences and events that relate to real estate, and attend some that don’t relate to real estate, but target your customer base. For example, maybe there is a community event for 'new moms': chances are, some of these parents will be thinking about moving into a new home eventually. Make a point to attend these networking opportunities and strike up conversations with people: let others know that you can help them find their dream home if the topic comes up!

Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

As you prepare to seek out new customers, maximize your ability to connect to them by working for a Detroit metro brokerage that has your back! The Mark Z Home Selling Team is one of the top realtor teams in the country: if working for a fast-paced and rapidly growing company sounds like the right fit for you, join our team!