14 Jun 2019

Mark Zawaideh

Ultimate Summer Home Paradise

Ultimate Summer Home Paradise

Building Your Backyard Paradise

You have beautiful home with a nice backyard full of grass, maybe a tree or two, but have you ever wanted to turn your backyard into something more?  Do you have backyard projects on your mind but not sure if they are even physically or financially feasible?

Here are a few backyard projects to show how you can transform your backyard into the Ultimate Summer Paradise:

Pool or Hot Tub

Spend your summers relaxing poolside or enjoy taking a dip in a hot tub in December.  A backyard pool or hot tub can help you relax both your mind and body.

Outdoor Games and Entertainment

Imagine stepping out your backdoor and onto your very own tennis count, basketball court or volleyball court.  If you love the outdoors and you’re an active person, you’ll be able to have fun in the sun and challenge your friends to matches whenever you would like.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you love grilling and eating outside then an outdoor kitchen is for you.  You can add a grill, a countertop for food prep and even install a refrigerator and sink in the backyard.  Whether you love cooking outdoors when the temperatures are right or you want to entertain guests in the warmer months, installing an outdoor kitchen is a great feature.

Paradise Area

This is ideal when you want some privacy but love being outdoors.  Put up a fence or garden wall, lattice or pergola and create an oasis away from it all in your own backyard.

Shady Spots

Adding shade by using mature trees , umbrellas or retractable awnings gives you a place to hang out outdoors without getting sunburned or rained on.


Add some luxury to your backyard with a gazebo.  Perfect for shade and, when screened, perfect for being outdoors after-dark without the bug bites.

Lush Landscaping

Who says you need to plant perennials and call it a garden?  With shrubs, plants, shade trees and flowers, you can create an elegant garden for that hint of paradise in your backyard.

Water Feature

Close your eyes and listen to the flowing water right in your backyard.  Fountains and waterfalls provide tranquility and drown out the city noises.

Fire Pit

Whether you purchase a moveable fire pit or have one built-in, fire pits are great for bringing people together.  Grab some marshmallows and sticks and everyone can enjoy some s’mores around a crackling fire.

Mood Lighting

Enjoy a magical setting just after the sun sets with some lighting.  Using candles, wall mount downlights or dimmable lamps creates a serene mood for both entertaining or soaking in the warm evening with a loved one.

For as little as $40, you can add a feature to your backyard that helps to turn empty space into a more paradise-like oasis.  From pools to fire pits, there are many ways to truly turn your backyard in the Ultimate Summer Home Paradise.

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