2 Sep 2014

Mark Zawaideh

Upcoming Event: 2014 Michigan Renaissance Festival


Renaissance Festivals are getting bigger and better. The cult favorite festival is more than just a field trip for Latin Class to enjoy a mediocre jousting display and a giant turkey leg. No, now days, these fairs are events in their own right.

They are gatherings that need more than one day of celebration, this is your time to step into a different world and have a bit of fun. There are full blown, well-rehearsed, great shows for you to take in and a wide variety of food to choose from.

A Taste of What You Can Expect

Enjoy a day of entertainment with jousting tournaments that can trigger the imagination and make you feel that you really are back in the Renaissance's peak. The Vodca Family will dance and sing for you while you relax and take in their most unique show.

The Triton's Princess Mermaids are a sight to see and one of the biggest attractions. There are many shows to enjoy and no threat of getting bored. There is something for everyone and fun for the whole family. Get absorbed in the atmosphere and enjoy a day away from the office.

The Daily Shows

The daily shows are spectacular. You can enjoy a two hour meal with live entertainment at the Feast of Fantasy. You can enjoy beer and wine with your meal. If you are looking for a date night, the festival can host a romantic evening for you with a private area and a personal servant for an hour.

There are lots of things they can do to make your experience memorable. The festival also enjoys throwing themed weekends and celebrating holidays. Some of these include Royal Pet days, Highland Fling, High Seas Adventure and much more.

You can enjoy free parking and affordable prices when you come to the fair. Make sure you wear your best medieval gear.

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