6 Feb 2015

Mark Zawaideh

Upcoming Event: Habitat Detroit's Red Carpet Bash


The Habitat Detroit’s Red Carpet Bash is an amazing event that happens in February and will be on the 21st consecutive year. It is an event that is put on by Ford Motor Company Fund and raises money for Habitat for Humanity in Detroit. It is one of those opportunities you do not want to miss out on.

What the Guests Can Expect at This Event

Everyone who comes to the event will be treated like a star. You can purchase a regular ticket for seventy five dollars and get to walk the red carpet before enjoying an amazing dinner.

You can also purchase a VIP ticket for one hundred and twenty five dollars you can also enjoy a meet and greet with premium seating and dinner. Either way you will have an amazing time and all of the proceeds will go to help the less fortunate.

Special Guests Too

Some of the celebrity guests they will have this year include three time Emmy winner Alicia Smith, Senior Political Analyst Bankole Thompson, and radio host Randi Myles. Other guests include the star of Cash and Cari, Cari Cucksey and Les Gold from TruTV's Hardcore Pawn.

These are just a few of the celebrities that will be there, but you will have a chance to meet many more. When you have an opportunity to attend such a wonderful event that will benefit so many people you owe it to yourself to go and enjoy it.

Doubles as an Event and an Opportunity

It will certainly be a night to remember. There are also a lot of opportunities for you to sponsor if you would like. Any contribution you are able to make is going to help build homes for people who truly need it. The mission to rebuild Detroit is the driving force behind the event and everyone's contribution is helpful.

Find out more about the Habitat Detroit’s Red Carpet Bash and get your tickets at habitatdetroit.org.

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