27 Nov 2014

Mark Zawaideh

What are a Few Inspired Kitchen Designs?

Vintage Kitchen DesignOne of the most important and functional rooms in your home has now become the central gathering place. Kitchens are the hottest room to do a makeover or remodel to your home.  No longer hidden and just for producing food, these kitchens are a focal point and hub for your family and friends.


Various extra lighting hanging from an island, accenting tile backsplash and a scheme of warm color gives dark cabinets more depth.  Fabrics, bright potted plants and texture from tiles create this elegant kitchen.

Classy Nature

Create an outdoor mountain feel with rock-like tiles. Mimic a stream of water with sleek edges and stainless steel appliances.  Blend hues and textures along with a cool shade color scheme.  Add wooden cabinets to give you an earthy, nature look to your kitchen.


Use a contrasting color scheme and patterns to create visual depth along with simple countertops and flooring.  This design is perfect for entertaining guests while cooking.  An open kitchen that flows into the attached great room enables entertaining in a comfortable environment while cooking.

Warm and Cozy

Vibrant colors, lively greenery and use of natural and man-made light will create an inviting, warm and cozy feel.  Rich red and yellow accents along with stainless steel appliances and lightly colored countertops will add to this cozy space.


Creating a kitchen with a calming feel can be achieved by resembling clear water summer vacations in the Caribbean or one of your favorite destinations.  Use sleek edges, glass doors to cabinets and a color combination of whites and blues.

Picking a Kitchen that Fits for your Family

No matter the kitchen design/style you choose, it is sure to be lively and bustling from the beginning of the day until the end of the day.

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