10 Oct 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

What Are Fast Ways to Make a Home More Appealing? Tips for Novi Homeowners

You’re in the process of getting ready to list your house for sale. While you’re excited to begin showing it and finally sell it, you feel that it could use a touch of...“something.” You know it’s a good, reliable home; it has many desirable qualities about it. However, you know it could use a little more appeal to find a buyer. What can you do to add extra pizzazz that will draw people in, so you’ll get a buyer sooner rather than later? You don’t want to spend a lot of time—you need some fast ways to make a home more appealing. Here are nine ideas to get you started!

1. Creative House Planters

You can create a unique planter that attaches to the outside of your home that will be a welcoming sight for visitors. Making the most of any first impression is essential for selling a house! If you have a short address, you can even affix the numerical part of your address to the planter and make it multi-functional. Planters that have removable or exchangeable "flora" can also double as a seasonal item! A good rule of "green thumb" is to choose high-quality, artificial plants.

2. Trim—and Paint—the Outside of Your Front Door

This quick and easy update to your entrance will surprise you by how stunning the results look! Put trim around the exterior of your front door. Paint them both with creative colors, and you’ll bring some serious attention to your house. Always take care when adding trim to your door that it's done correctly.

3. Hang up Wind Chimes

People are affected not just by what they see, but by what they hear. Fast ways to make a home more appealing don’t have to be expensive! You can hang up attractive wind chimes which add visual appeal inexpensively. Additionally, the relaxing sound can be soothing as viewers enter the home. Facebook marketplace can be a great place to score deals in Novi on outdoor enhancement items like wind chimes and other accessories.

4. Give Your Fixtures a Facelift

You can make a room look updated with a small investment of time and money by adding new cabinet hardware. This can include new drawer handles, door pulls, and knobs in the kitchen and bathroom. If you have an older kitchen light fixture, you could consider replacing that too.

5. Add Some Color

It will take too long and probably isn’t necessary to repaint the whole interior of your house. However, you can still spruce things up by adding a bit of color to one wall! One accent wall will liven up a room, and it doesn’t take very long to do it. Painting one wall a different color is a trend right now and is sure to be appealing to buyers.

6. Enlarge the Appearance of Your Space

If you’re working with a smaller home or even a smaller space or room, there are tricks to make the area appear larger. One such trick is to use a large mirror (preferably floor-length) in a narrow or small area. The mirror will reflect a more substantial looking space.

Room with mirrors

7. Add a Chandelier

If your kitchen or living room light fixture is outdated, then you can make a bold statement by adding a chandelier. You can get unique with chandelier choices. Whether you want to go with a modern look or a farmhouse country style, there are many types from which to choose.

8. Add Some LED Lighting

LED strip lighting brings attention to particular places in your Novi home. LED strips lights are easy-to-install, work in all kinds of places, and are energy efficient. Additionally, their soft glow makes ordinary features look beautiful. You can use LED lighting in a variety of areas such as:

  • Under kitchen cupboards to light up the counter space
  • In your bathroom
  • Along a stairwell
  • Around the molding of a large picture window for accent
  • On the top edge of the ceiling around a bedroom
  • On the patio or deck around the railing.

9. Declutter Your Home

One of the fast ways to make a home more appealing is to remove any clutter that is lying around. Take time to go through all your rooms and box up unwanted items for removal. Straighten up closets, shelves, and pantries. Remember, prospective buyers will be looking around at everything! Even though you’ll be removing your things when you move out, a cluttered look can give a negative vibe to the person viewing the home. When everything looks neat and orderly, people visiting will have a more positive outlook.

Modern living space

As you take the final steps before listing your house, these fast ways to make a home more appealing can be your secret to go from "For Sale" to "Sold!"

You only have one chance to make a first impression when prospective buyers pull up to your house. Whether its the yard, front door, or interior, make sure you have a visually attractive property. At MARK Z., we know what sells homes quickly. We're so confident we can sell your home that we offer our unique MARK Z. guarantee: we either sell your home, or we buy it! Get in touch with us today to learn more.



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