26 Feb 2015

Mark Zawaideh

What are the Main Reasons Homeowners Move and Sell Their Home?


Did you know that the average American homeowner sells their home and moves every five to seven years? For a person who buys a home and lives in it for 30 years, this is a little difficult of a concept to understand. Regardless of which category you fall into, the question is the same: why do people sell their homes and move?

Your Home Becomes Too Small

The first time you purchase a home, it is not uncommon for it to be considered a starter home. When you buy your starter home, you do not always plan on increasing your family size. Imagine getting pregnant with triplets. Suddenly, your starter home is way too small.

You Need an Upgrade

Sometimes people just grow out of the house they have. The kitchen is too small or you want your own bathroom. There are a lot of different reasons for wanting to upgrade to a bigger and better house. Maybe you just purchased something cheap because it was all you could afford at the time.

Job Transfer

Maybe you were offered a better job, but commuting from your current home to your new job is not a possibility. If the new job pays well enough or the opportunity is something you’ve always wanted, it is not uncommon for you to pick up and move to a new home.

Developing Relationship

In this economy, you don’t see a lot of single homeowners – but, they are out there. Maybe you purchased a home and then you met someone and fell in love. Your home is not big enough for two people, so you sell it and buy something new.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons for wanting to sell your home and buy something new. Fortunately, they really aren’t bad reasons.

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