3 Oct 2014

Mark Zawaideh

What can you do to Sell Your Home Faster?

Home SoldWhen it’s time to sell your home, you are probably eager to get the process done. You want to sell your house, so that you can get settled in your new home or start looking for a new home. You want to get your belongings out of the home and any repairs or touchups done, so that you can move forward with your family in this new chapter. What steps can sellers take to sell their homes faster?

The Interior

Before setting up showings, make sure you’ve removed all of the clutter from your home. If you were visiting a home showing the last thing you’d want to see is filth or clutter. A person viewing your home wants to picture their family living there and needs to see a clean and neat home.

Having furniture that is too large for a room or having too many pieces in one room may make it feel crowded. Remove unnecessary pieces from a room to make it feel larger to potential buyers.

You will also want to put away all photographs and personal items. Then, hire a house stager to set up the space to make it look more appealing to potential buyers.

The Exterior

Take the time to mow the lawn, apply a fresh coat of paint to your home, and manicure the bushes. You want to give buyers the right first impression. Consider adding a new roof, upgrading windows, or do something unique to the landscape. It’s helpful to make your home stand out among your neighbors.

Offer a Deal

You could offer potential buyers a deal to sell faster. Offer money towards the closing costs or offer to pay the closing costs entirely. Another idea is to offer a one-year transferable home warranty to cover the air conditioner and other appliances. This may cause someone to buy sooner.

Doing everything you can to make your home in the best move-in condition and offering a deal to potential buyers to stand out among other sellers will make your home sell faster.

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