25 Jul 2019

Mark Zawaideh

What Happened One Year After I Left Keller Williams & Joined eXp Realty

Well it’s been one year now since I made the switch to eXp Realty. Wanna talk about scary and stressful? Try leaving the largest brokerage in the world and joining a company that was virtually unheard of at the time. When I made this bold move I would get calls daily from friends in the industry across the country asking me what I was thinking and why would I do this. 
I’m not going to lie I second guessed myself many sleepless nights. I went to bed many nights saying tomorrow I’m either going back to KW or just doing my own independent brokerage. 
Keep in mind when I made this move the company had around 7,000 agents. The stock was around $4 a share and on boarding was taking four weeks. 
Let’s fast forward to today and we have tripled in size to over 20,000 Realtors, the stock is trading around $11 a share and you can get on board with eXP within 72 hours. 
Here's the exciting part! Everyone always wants to know if the Revenue Share is real and how it's different from the last brokerage I was with, Keller Williams. Well here you have it.

Is The Rev Share For Real?

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Last Month as you can see above, this is straight from my P&L (profit and loss) I made $496.47 from Keller Williams Profit Share versus eXp where I made $13,171.12 IN ONE MONTH! Now you tell me if there's a difference? 

How's Your Real Estate Business?

The second most popular question is "How is your business since you left one of the largest, most well known real estate brokerages in the country and went to a name nobody has even heard of?" That's a great question and very valid. After all who cares about the revenue share if you're business tanks. Again take a look at my P&L and you'll see this past month I brought in over $271,535 in commissions compared to last year same month I brought in $107,750. So again you tell me how business is doing? It's UNREAL! Folks stop drinking the Kool-Aid and acknowledge your clients are buying YOU not the brand you're with!
We have embraced the technology. We love the KvCore website they give each agent. We love the online cloud campus with over 30 live training classes each week. We love the accessibility of eXp staff when we need them.
Is The Training & Classes Any Good?
My eXp family tree is comprised of over 300 Realtors currently who are all having the time of their life and most will tell you they have sold more real estate than they ever have before. The training we put out to our agents is second to none. Check out our weekly training schedule that me and one of the country's best social media Realtor's GoGo puts on right here www.realestateabetterway.com.This past week I did my entire listing presentation that I use to list 40 to 50 houses each month! We went through every objection handler and more! When we were done we got a standing ovation from over 70 Realtors!
One lesson I learned that I never took into account is this. Your up line matters. Now what do I mean by that? The Realtor you name as your sponsor and the people above them will make or break you in this model. They are your support life line. They have a financial vested interest in your success and I can't tell you how many times Realtors come to me and want to switch their sponsor to me and I have to let them know they can't do that. So the lesson is choose your sponsor wisely because it could impact your career.  
I truly believe in my heart that we will be the largest brokerage in the world soon. We the agents are taking control of the training and growth of the company. If you're in the area, you owe it to yourself to stop by my office and get at least take a tour. 
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