3 Oct 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

What Is the Best Time of Year to Sell Your House in Ann Arbor?

People decide to sell their Ann Arbor home for various reasons. Sometimes it may be because of a new job opportunity in another town. Other people move because they want more space for a growing family, while others desire to reduce their home size because their kids have grown up and moved out. Some people just want an updated home layout that a renovation can't fix. Whatever the reason for wanting to sell a house, you probably wonder—what is the best season to sell? If you have doubts when choosing the time and season that you want, then you should know the answer to this question. So, what is the best time of year to sell your house? Let’s take a look at each season in more detail!


The spring is a lovely time of year for home sales in Ann Arbor and across Detroit. If you lived in the panhandle, then this time of year is not the best due to the intensity of sporadic weather conditions such as tornadoes. However, spring in Ann Arbor is in full bloom.


  • According to The Mortgage Reports, most homes sell in the first two weeks of May.
  • People have access in the spring to their income tax refund, which helps buyers with the down payment. It can also help provide you with extra cash to make necessary home improvements.
  • You can boost your curb appeal by planting spring flowers and placing planters around the porch.
  • Longer days allow more buyers to see your home during peak daylight hours.
  • It’s the end of the school year, which is more convenient for buyers.
  • This is a convenient time for you to move!


  • The spring can be a rainy season. Imagine muddy, wet buyers walking through your home! However, Michigan only averages 2.62 inches of rain per month, making it one of the states receiving less rain than most of its neighbors.
  • Since this is considered a good time to buy, the competition could be fierce.
  • You may not get as much for your home due to substantial spring inventory on the market.

Spring Flowers


The summer is another ideal time for selling a home. The warm weather and longer days are just two of the reasons you may decide to go for a summer sale. When asking yourself what is the best time of year to sell your house, always assess the pros and the cons!


  • Kids are out of school, so people’s schedules are flexible.
  • Buyers are motivated due to the school season getting ready to start to close sooner.
  • You can do remarkable things with your yard!


  • People are on vacation and could be too busy to come to a showing.
  • You’ll have to be sure to keep your yard and flowers watered if there hasn’t been any rain, or else the curb appeal will fizzle.
  • Some people are too hot to look for houses in the summer, so that could hinder the flow of traffic.
  • Just like in the spring, you may face stiff summer competition as the housing market heats up.


The fall may seem like an inconvenient time for some people to sell a house, but other people see it as the perfect time. With an autumn sale, you should seriously consider how a move might affect you if you have school-age children at home.


  • You won’t have as much competition from other sellers, so that you may be in a better negotiating position.
  • If you have a yard with many trees, fall can be a gorgeous time for showing your home as the trees change colors.
  • Getting repairs or home improvements may be less expensive due to contractors being in their off-season.
  • Fall décor captures a lot of attention!


  • Prospective buyers may be busy with school, work, and activities, making them unavailable to view houses.
  • If you don’t have moderate fall weather, your curb appeal could fade quickly.


The chilly days of winter may seem a bleak time to sell your home, but it has its benefits!


  • Buyers are ready to make a move before the close of the year to take advantage of tax credits.
  • You can decorate with seasonal pieces, which create a cozy ambiance in the house.
  • You can add interior appeal if you have a fireplace with a toasty fire blazing.
  • There are fewer inventories in the winter, which makes your house more desirable.
  • This is the cheapest time to move.


Of course, not everyone is a fan of the snowy roads!

  • Buyers may not want to be out much in the cold weather, therefore decreasing the number of people who view your home.
  • People may be saving money for the holidays.
  • Moving is more difficult during the cold, snowy weather.
  • It gets dark earlier, which could hinder people from seeing your property as well if they come in the evening.

House in winter

Now that you know the answer to the question "What is the best time of year to sell your house," you can be sure to time things perfectly to meet your needs. Every time of year has its pros and cons, and ultimately it comes down to what fits your needs and lifestyle best.

At  MARK Z., we know you need an adept real estate agent who can help you navigate your home sale—any time of the year. Let us show you the MARK Z. difference when you get in touch with us today!






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