19 Sep 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

What Should You Look for When Searching for Your Next Ann Arbor Home?

What You're Not Looking for in Your Next Home Might Surprise You!

It's not all about the house! When you're searching for your next Ann Arbor home, you have to consider more than what you want in a perfect home. Moving yourself and your family to a new neighborhood is a big adjustment. You want to make sure you choose a house in a location that meets your needs and enhances your lifestyle. Plus, you don't want to choose a home in an area where you can't sell it again down the road. 

So, what makes a great home when you consider what surrounds it? Before you start packing to move, here are six things to look for when searching for your next Ann Arbor home.

1. Safety First

Most people want to live in a safe neighborhood, but how do you know if the home you have your eye on is in a safe community?

Crime statistics aren't the final say on the safety of an Ann Arbor neighborhood. However, they can be an indication of the types of crimes that happen in the area.

Your real estate agent can't comment on the safety of an area without risking a violation of the Fair Housing Act. However, you can tell a lot about the neighborhood by observing other homes and doing some online research.

Check the website and Facebook pages for local law enforcement. You want to move your family to a place where you feel safe and where local law enforcement stays involved. If you find a home you love, but you have questions about crime in the area, visit the police department and talk with them about the neighborhood. 

2. Top-Notch Schools

You don't have kids? The schools in your area still matter! When you do have kids, you definitely need to consider the schools where your kids will learn, grow, and socialize. 

The quality of the schools in your neighborhood affects your home's value and what you pay for it. Even if you don't have children, you still want to find a home in an excellent school district. Again, thinking long-term, one day, you might sell your new home. You increase the potential to sell quickly and at the asking price when you choose a home near great schools.

  • Use online tools to find out about the local schools. 
  • Talk to friends and neighbors in the area. 
  • Meet with school officials to make sure the schools meet your needs before purchasing your home. 

KidsRaisingTheirHandsInSchool3. A Supportive Community

When you tour a home, take time also to tour the neighborhood.

  • Are people out walking dogs? 
  • Do kids play in the park? 
  • Are neighbors talking to each other? 

You can learn a lot about the community and the immediate neighborhood by observing behavior. 

Visit the neighborhood during the day and again in the evening. You'll see a different dynamic at different times of the day. Look for community investment in local schools, government, and extracurricular activities. Do people take good care of their properties? Do people wave as they pass each other on the sidewalk? All of these are signs as to whether that Ann Arbor home is right for you.

Be careful that your potential neighborhood fits your lifestyle! If you don't like neighbors knocking on your door unannounced, you might prefer a neighborhood with less social activity.

4. Things to Do and Places to Be

When you move to your new home, you won't spend all of your time in the house! Can you get where you want to go easily? Check for easy access to highways. Are there activities, entertainment, and restaurants nearby? How is your commute to work?

Consider travel time and accessibility when choosing your new Ann Arbor home. A location that enables you to get where you need to be and do the things you love to do is a critical factor when choosing your new home. 

YoungFamilyEnjoyingWeekend5. Emergency Access to You

It's not enough that you can get where you need or want to be—can people get to you

Research emergency services in the area:

  • Do they have clear access to your home? 
  • Are there plenty of doctors and healthcare facilities to support you and your family? 
  • How far away are they?

Check with the local fire and police departments in Ann Arbor. Ask about response times and staffing. You want your home and your family to receive quick help any time there's an emergency. 

6. Choose the Right Agent

It can be tough to find everything you need when searching for your new Ann Arbor home. The MARK Z. Real Estate Experts can help you find your dream home in your dream neighborhood!

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