6 Nov 2014

Mark Zawaideh

What Type of Home Improvements Make it Hard to Sell Your Home?

Home ImprovementsWhen you purchase your home, the first thing you want to do is make it your own.  Before you dive in and start painting all of your rooms your favorite shade of neon green, STOP!  Think about how this decision will affect the resale of your house in the future.

There are multiple ways you can ruin your home for resale.

  • Paint choice, as mentioned above.  Easy to fix but it can become very expensive to cover up.
  • House size.  You might like having the biggest house on the block but most people are looking to fit into the neighborhood average size.
  • Vanishing walls.  If a potential buyer would like an open concept then they will probably be looking at lofts, not a house.
  • Removing or destroying the history of your home.  Keep the integrity of decorative wood trim and wood flooring as an example.  Prospective buyers like the character of old homes.
  • Odd room additions.  Instead of randomly tacking on an extra room to your home, try making a popular existing room larger.
  • Save the garage.  Many people think it’s easiest to transform an attached garage into living space.  This is difficult to take back and return to a garage.  Let’s face it, we like our garages.
  • We need a bathtub.  Your family may prefer just a stand up shower but most families have small children and like a nice, long soak in the tub.
  • Disappearing bedrooms.  A large master bedroom may sound like a good idea for a single person or one couple, however, you should have a minimum of 2 bedrooms in your home.
  • Where is the grass?  We understand that mowing isn’t always fun but a concrete yard is unappealing.  Most potential buyers have children and pets that enjoy a nice a backyard, even if it is a small one.
  • Don’t be a cheapskate.  We understand that you saved some money by buying the used sink and tile.  Just make sure that it is up to date and in good condition.
  • Why the multiple levels?  Add a step up here and a step down there.  It’s confusing and an accident waiting to happen.

Your home improvement choices.

Make your home yours.  Just make sure to think twice before doing anything too drastic or permanent.

Topics: Seller Tips