7 Nov 2019

Mark Z Home Selling Team

When Selling a Home in Detroit, Should You Replace the Carpet? Is Cleaning Enough?

When people prepare to sell their house, they often wonder just what they need to do to get the best price. More than that, they want to sell their home in the shortest amount of time. Having the right real estate agent will make the entire process more manageable. However, preparation is necessary, too.

So, what important elements require consideration before showing your Detroit home? Of course, you want to complete the basics: straightening up the house, putting unnecessary things in storage, and finishing those urgent repairs. Besides that, you may wonder about other things like your carpeting. Should you replace it before trying to sell the home? Would a thorough carpet cleaning be adequate? Here are some tips on how to know whether you need to purchase carpeting or not when you're ready to sell.

Complete an Assessment

First, you need to do an honest assessment of your carpeting to determine how "bad" it is. When reviewing your carpet, the following list of problems are all good reasons to replace:

The Carpet Has Multiple Stains

Having one tiny stain is not too much of a problem—as long as the carpeting is in good shape otherwise. However, if you’re dealing with carpet that has several stains, then it’s not practical to keep it. People are going to notice when they view your home.

Multiple stains degrade the appearance of a house, and therefore, it may impact the price. For that reason, it would be a good idea—if possible—to replace carpeting with multiple stains.

Carpet Selection

The Carpeting Has One Large Stain—That Is Highly Visible

Maybe you don’t have multiple stains, but you have one huge one, and it’s in a highly visible area. Large stains are just as bad as several small ones. In this case, it’s best to replace the carpeting.

The Carpeting Has a Bad Odor

A funky odor in the carpeting is sure to turn buyers away. You can try to cover these foul smells up, but they have a way of coming out regardless. Some odors are just too difficult to eliminate. For example, if you have had past pet accidents in the home, you may not be able to get rid of the smell.

The Carpeting Has Mold Underneath

Mold can be a dangerous allergen for many people. When you breathe in mold spores, you increase the risk of breathing difficulties, such as asthma. It doesn’t take much for mold to appear in carpeting. If there is any dampness on the carpeting, then it’s at risk for mold.

Mold grows when the spores find a damp area to land and dust on which to feed. If you suspect mold, you may want to consider replacing your carpeting.

The Carpeting Is Very Old

Maybe your carpeting isn’t stained and doesn’t contain mold, but it is extremely old and worn down. Aged carpeting may have a matted appearance that is not attractive. It can make the overall house seem worn and tattered and potentially turn away buyers.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Carpet

Now that you know some reasons carpet replacement may be wise, you can weigh the cost-benefit as well as the time-benefit. Ultimately you’ll make the final decision about whether to make the replacement or not. When deciding, consider the following questions:

Will I Be Able to Ask More If I Replace the Carpeting?

Replacing your carpeting does drive up the price of your home. Carpeting is an inexpensive way to make your home look new and fresh. You won’t have to worry about it sitting on the market in Detroit because it will have increased appeal.

The average price of replacing carpeting is $7 to $12 per square foot, and the average installation cost is $980 to $1,680. The replacement cost is reasonable, considering you are likely to get more attention from prospective buyers—and a higher price.

Lounge Room

What About Cleaning the Carpet?

You may wonder if cleaning is a good option. While it is certainly an option, you have to determine whether it’s practical. For example, if your carpeting is already suffering from mold, then cleaning it may aggravate the problem. If you have multiple stains or bad odors, then cleaning it may not provide a solution.

Obviously, if it’s old and matted down, then cleaning won’t revive it; the only answer is to replace it in these situations. However, if you have newer carpeting and only one small stain, then cleaning it would be a practical alternative!

Ultimately, whether you choose to clean or replace comes down to the unique status of the carpeting in your home.

Moving Forward with MARK Z.

Whatever you decide about your carpeting, it’s best to have a professional real estate agent to guide you through the process. At MARK Z., we know what it takes to get Detroit homes sold! This is why we offer our exclusive—and FREE—Prep for Listing Checklist.

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